Out From Under: Sporty Slides + Watches Under $100

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Accessories are such an easy and immediate way to update your wardrobe, and your gym wardrobe should be no exception. And because fashion + fitness is one of our main focuses this summer, we're giving you the perfect pair of accessories to both ramp up and finish off your workout style.
The combination of sporty slides that are fashion meets function and a sport watch with flair instantly adds energy to a staple uniform of black leggings and a tee or tank. These sandals are easy to pack in your gym bag and will give your toes a comfortable cool-down after an intense workout. And just because your watch is counting calories for you in your favorite fitness class, that doesn't mean it can't do wonders for pulling your look together. 
Our pairings are all under $100, so you can easily change it up throughout the week. -AR + TR
Classic Combo: Adidas, $20, Casio, $19.99
Nice and Neutral: Calvin Klein, $89.95, Timex, $79.95

Double Mint: Hunter, $85, Target, $14.99
So Yellow: Birkenstock, $40.17, 1Face, $39.
Pop of Pink: Nike, $19.99, Fossil, $94