Out From Under: Sweet Sleep Under $100

V  collage for chic sleep

Spasilk Pillowcase on Amazon; Gingham Pajama Top and Short by J.Crew; Tropical Print Floral Camisole and Trousers by Topshop; Alarm clock by CB2; Navy sleep short by American Eagle; Silk sleep short by Joe Fresh; Lilac eye mask by Sonoma Lavender; Thong slippers by Bare Necessities; Lavender and Lovage candle by Jo Malone

It’s a common misconception that our most stylish hours should be reserved for our waking hours. Perhaps if more of us felt pampered and pretty at night, we’d wake up rested and ready in the morning. (Seriously, we really think we’re onto something here.) Picture this: you’re snuggled up under a blanket as soft as puppy fur, a lavender-scented candle flickers hypnotically on your bedside table, your head rests on a luxe silk pillowcase, and you’re wearing a pajama set that’s so comfy and cute, you actually say out loud to nobody but yourself, “can I get away with wearing this to work?” (For the record, this whole scenario was inspired by true events.) We’re not doctors, but we’re willing to bet that falling asleep in a state of bliss such as the one we just described is good for a person’s mental health or, at the very least, her circulation.

You see, pampering yourself doesn’t have to happen at weird, scheduled times you never seem to have the time for. It can happen nightly in the comfort of your own bed. And, we promise, there’s nothing more satisfying or confidence-boosting than feeling gorgeous for you and you alone. From fleece slippers and blankets to ultra-soft shorts and camisole tops, we’ve culled the best items under $100 from a variety of places to make every night your best night. -AZ