Out From Under: Yoga Essentials Under $100

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fEven if you’re one of the rare few who doesn’t do yoga on the weekends, you probably dress like someone who does. With the advent (and near dominance) of athleisure culture, acquiring the right leggings (perhaps you know them as “yoga pants”) has become just as important as owning that perfect pair of on trend, slimming jeans. Whether you’re errand-running, actually doing yoga, or any combination of weekend activities, “that yoga look” is the appropriate, even applauded, dress code for more off-duty occasions than ever before. So, with that in mind, we’ve rounded up the best items for under $100 to take you from Downward-Facing Dog to your favorite downtown destination in flattering, functional style. -AZ


High Waisted Slash Cut-Out Cropped Leggings by Express, $59.90

Workout leggings have been an essential part of our wardrobe rotation for a few years now, and these are a sleek update to our traditional all-black go-to's.  


New Balance for J.Crew Striped Tank, $34.99 

Whether or not you actually make it to yoga class won’t matter in this sporty-chic tank. The nautical navy stripes are the perfect print for outdoor lunching. (Plus, if you have to run home to change for dinner, there’s a built-in sports bra.) 


Cutout Ribbed Stretch-Knit Top, $96.25

The cold-shoulder trend should be embraced by women of all ages and sizes because of its universally flattering effects. You’ll be the chicest on the mat and the at the sunset BBQ in this standout style.


Sweaty Betty Mukha Yoga Cami, $80

Don’t let the fashion-forward silhouette fool you; this cami probably functions better than anything you currently own. With a high-stretch, sweat-wicking fabric, get ready to take your yoga practice to the next level…very, very stylishly. 


Colorblock Performance Bodysuit by New Balance for J.Crew, $145 

Need a yoga outfit in an instant? This bodysuit is your answer. With a built-in shelf bra, it’s prepared for the most rigorous of classes (and the most effusive of compliments). 


Core Mesh Compression Legging by Express, $69.90

Designed for low-impact workouts, like gentle yoga classes, or shopping all day, they fit and flatter in all the right places. The color is called “Winetasting Melange,” which may or may not subliminally influence you. 


Dark Blue Camo Oxford Matt Bag by MZ Wallace, $125

This sleek yoga bag has separate compartments for your mat, clothes, and personal items. So leave your purse at home and let the handbag/gym bag mashup must-have commence. 


Match Point Ballet Printed Sports Bra by The Upside, $60

Giving a sports bra edge and style is quite a feat, but Bodyism has successfully done it with this pastel-colored geometric print version that can be worn alone or layered, perfect for all-day wear (pretty much anywhere).  


The BI Yoga Mat by Yeti Yoga, $60

Why shouldn’t your yoga aesthetic extend to your actual mat? This particular one is pretty enough to stay on your bedroom floor even after you’ve completed an impromptu session at home. 


BKR Water Bottle, $35

In case you haven’t heard, plastic water bottles are out. Glass is in. Featuring a small mouth and and a silicone sleeve, these are some of the prettiest, easiest-to-drink-from bottles we’ve come across.