The Ben-Amun collection has been in pretty much every magazine you can list and has decorated the wardrobes of everyone from Jackie O to Kate Moss to Rihanna. Check out this holiday editorial from 1982 featuring a 17 year old Diane Lane shot by legendary fashion photographer Patrick Demarchelier. The jewelry featured here marks the beginning of many collaborations with Calvin Klein.

Karie Laks is a designer who truly understands versatility and the importance of the right fit.  A former dancer and veteran designer for esteemed labels Proenza Schoulder and Vera Wang, Laks is also a costume designer. Her experience and personal taste have lead her to a studied consideration of traditional vs. progressive, old vs. new, classic vs. modern—which is why we teamed up with Karie to bring back our favorite Laks design.

This scrub isn't just an extraordinary exfoliant; the essential oils within were specially picked by us for their various healing properties.

BERGAMOT OIL: relieves feelings of self-judgement and low self-esteem (it’s a natural anti-depressant) and cleanses stagnant feels.

CLARY SAGE OIL: dispels negative thoughts, changes your perception, unblocks creativity, boosts intuitiveness, and your openness to new possibilities.
PEPPERMINT OIL: provides relief during high-stress times and heightens your optimism, clarity, strength, buoyancy and regeneration.

Read more about why we love Aimee and her mission to get us all to chill out, be healthy, and revolutionize organic beauty.

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Colbalto Calcite Macramé Bracelet

This one of a kind colbato calcite macramé bracelet with signature irregular diamonds set in 18-karat white gold with black rhodium by Kimberly McDonald is not only a favorite because of its beautiful color and contrasting stones, but also because of what it symbolizes. Cobalto calcite is said to represent unconditional love and forgiveness, and to be effective for emotional healing, grief, and a broken heart. While on an appointment at Kimberly’s studio, a piece bearing cobalto calcite “found” us in a very serendipitous and personal way. It was then that we decided to collaborate with Kimberly, with whom we share a love of the natural beauty of stones and their power. Empower yourself by wearing this treat—a symbol of healing and love.

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99 Story and 99 Rain Earrings

Long celebrated for staying ahead of the trend, Ben-Amun is one of the pioneers of the statement making jewelry movement of the early '80s. We teamed with Ben-Amun to co-design two exclusive pairs of earrings. Originally part of a "Tribal" collection first introduced in 1999, touches of garnet, onyx, and pearl were added to the shoulder-grazing designs in both antique silver and brass. We love the idea of wearing a little history and how the drama of an oversized earring can transform anything from a T-shirt to an LBD.

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Metallic Dress

Adorned with black glass buttons reminiscent of the ‘50s, Karie Laks’ vintage-inspired dress is destined to be the heroine of your holiday wardrobe. The fit is especially flattering—the gathered waist and long hem will slim and lengthen your silhouette. This shimmering dress, with its feather-light weight, takes to layering perfectly and has a chameleon-like ability to transform with the woman who wears it. Style yours with velvet heels for the holiday season or try sneakers and a bomber jacket for a more casual look.

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Rock Soap Trio

At Story + Rain, we're all about the staggering beauty found in nature. The rocks and minerals that make up some of our favorite jewelry collections now have a place in your bathroom. Created by an actual gemologist, we fell in love with the realistic design and gorgeous saturated color of these soaps and picked our three favorites just for you. 100% natural; no perfume, chemicals, or detergent are used. *Color will vary depending on availability. Large soaps last 2-3 months with daily use.

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Fall Rain Travel Scrub

100% organic. Bring the spa to your space with this warm and spicy scrub. An exfoliating base of baking soda, brown, and coconut sugars polish your skin allowing the nourishing and restorative mix of coconut, clary sage, bergamot, peppermint, and squalane oils to sink in. Squalane is the best of the bunch: rich in antioxidants, this oil boosts cellular regeneration, oxygenation, and elasticity—it's the new fountain of youth. Packaged in a shatter-proof plastic tub with air-tight lid. 8 oz./240 ml—not compliant with carry on restrictions, but perfect for the bag you check!