August 2022

21Seeds Co-Founders | Episode 114

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring Co-Founders Of 21Seeds Kat Hantas, Nicole Hantas-Emanuel and Sarika Singh

It’s a big group on this week’s podcast. Sisters Kat and Nicole, along with friend Sarika joined forces to create 21Seeds tequila. “2” symbolizing the sisters, and “1” symbolizing a friend. These three female founders are a force. Honing her storytelling chops at CAA and in television and film, in her spare time, Kat was known for infusing tequilas in her Brita pitcher and her concoctions were a huge hit with friends. Her sister Nicole worked in finance before life took a turn to tequila, working for companies like Refinery 29 and Angel List. And Sarika had long worked in food, helping to develop everything from probiotic chocolate to quinoa and seaweed snacks. Each armed with a killer skill set that created the best breadth of knowledge amongst the three co-founders, they launched and sold 21 Seeds in a mere three years. Now part of the Diagio group of beverage alcohol, 21Seeds offers three flavors of supremely smooth tequila that is clean and natural and requires little to no mixing; an alternative to fermented wine and beer, something that Kat had been looking to move away from. We discuss all the details behind their incredible story, how a psychic in India predicted it all, and how they work together as a team. They share the details of the steps they took to launch their brand, how they cultivated creation, how Mexico inspires, and some insights into their proprietary process. They share a ton of valuable entrepreneurial advice and how the customer experience is of paramount importance to them. We talk about how and why 21Seeds has transformed the way people think about tequila, how it elevates in its brand experience, how they rose to serve a growing need, and how they are totally inspiring trailblazers. This conversation serves up a large dose of the beauty in what is possible.

"If you start believing in the no, then you're not going to push yourself forward to the yes. You've got to believe in what you're doing constantly, so that you don't hear that no." - Kat, Nicole, + Sarika

"As founders, it's really exciting to be able to dream what; how big; how great; how many people we can inspire...not only to drink our product, but also to do what they dream about doing." - Kat, Nicole, + Sarika


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