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*Photo credits for Story + Rain X The Daily: Alison Conklin, Mike Rosenthal, Rebecca Minkoff, Sézane, Barnaby Roper, Jaime Windon.


Kat Irlin

What is it about a woman that inspires you to shoot them? Their individuality and beauty. I like finding beauty in everyone and bringing out the best in them. That's what I do best. 

Do you have a favorite photo filter app? VSCO. I don't have a specific filter that I use. It depends on what works best. 

Vacation destination? Paris. 

Favorite meal? Yama Sushi in New York City.  

Melissa Lum

Favorite [Un]Covered on the site + why? Just Cause with Li Xiao Xing. I love how this shoot seamlessly fell into place hours before a crazy snow storm. After launching with Hailey Baldwin and gearing up for our glammed up Barbara Palvin cover, we needed an "interim cover". Calling out feminism in fashion was on my mind. I love how at ease Li felt in the unfussy, cool-girl clothes, and how beautiful the images look in black and white.

What is your favorite NY activity in the spring? Cheating on the subway with my bicycle

Which Old Soles would you wear? Nike Air Max!

What's your go-to uniform? Denim on denim with a leather jacket or a black slip dress with denim or leather

Favorite restaurant in Brooklyn? Luzzo's BK

Favorite trend of the season? Clear plastics in RTW and accessories!

Barry Samaha

What was your most memorable writing gig? In hindsight, my most memorable writing gig would have to the time I interviewed Meghan Markle. This was pre-Harry days, when she was a featured player on the television show “Suits.” Little did I know at the time that she would be the biggest thing since Kim Kardashian. 

What is your favorite question to ask people? “What is the best piece of advice you ever received?” I stole it from Barbara Walters.  

What's your go-to meal in New York City? The highbrow answer: the salmon dish at Bottino. The real answer: the chicken burrito bowl at Chipotle.

What's your go-to cocktail in New York City? Jack on the rocks at Cubbyhole. It's not so much the drink as it is the lively crowd and friendly ambiance.

Words you live by? Be a good person. It’s simple but profound.

Tamara Rappa

Spring trend I can't wait to try: I'm bringing my pink MIU MIU cowboy boots out of hibernation!

First photoshoot I was on: I think it was a Herb Ritts cover shoot featuring Dermott Mulroney when I was at Interview Magazine.

My fave item on the site right now: Too many! But I love the Gucci Marmont in army green and just bought the Jennifer Fisher hoops. 

Place on my vacation bucket-list: The island of Stromboli.