February 2020

Aimee Raupp | Episode 25

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The Womb Warrior. Aimee Raupp is an acupuncturist, wellness expert, and Story + Rain Founder Tamara's own longtime acupuncturist. She is also the Head Of Chinese Medicine at The Well, a newly-opened, renowned wellness center in New York City with plans for expansion. Tamara first discovered Aimee by reading her book, Chill Out And Get Healthy, its title grabbed her attention on the shelves at Oprah Magazine where Tamara was an editor and the rest is history. At the time of this podcast it is American heart health month. It is also the month of Valentine’s Day. So in that spirit, on this podcast we talk to Aimee about her philosophy on wellness, self-love, how to keep a heart healthy, nutrition including what foods are best and worst for your mood, what to eat for glowing skin, how she gets to be creative in her work (besides helping women create babies with her acupuncture-based fertility protocol) and her Reboot diet---a total reset for the body following the idea that food is medicine, and a way to get back to feeling great. It's all about creating self-love, health, and happiness---so listen in and get major motivation from Aimee’s wellness vibes.

"Just sit with yourself and ask, how can I better support you? Maybe the answer is getting to bed earlier; going out to more social events; drinking less, eating more; quitting your job—listening to yourself about what feels in alignment with where you want the direction of your life to go, versus what keeps kind of popping up, and that creates drama or stress."