March 2023

Alisha Boe | Episode 127

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With solid footing in television, including her breakout role in beloved Netflix Series, 13 Reasons Why, actor Alisha Boe intrigues in Jesse Eisenberg's recently released indie film, When You Finish Saving The World, begging the question: what's next? On episode 127, our latest cover star discusses what it was like working with the actor who wrote and directed his first film, and playing Lila. She explains what drew her to the part, her initial thoughts on playing opposite Finn Wolfhard in the film, how she's both similar to and different from her character, and why stories about the parent-child relationship move her. We discuss her early start as a performer at age 7, life in Norway, doing cartwheels in the airport upon touching down in LA, growing up as a young actor in the Valley, and being home-schooled, because she was picking up so much work. Alisha names the shows, films, and actors who helped stoke her interest in her career, how simultaneously working on series' like Ray Donovan and CSI taught her to be comfortable on set, and what it's like to collaborate with crew. Having not discussed it for some time, Alisha revisits and reflects upon 13 Reasons Why in an exclusive conversation on the podcast, and talks about her life-changing role as assault survivor, Jessica Davis, and how Jessica's story provoked and still provokes constant conversation in her life. We get into the series' serious topics that she describes as 'personal', how the experience made her 'less naive', and how playing Jessica made her feel more connected to people. We talk her feelings about social media, what's important when picking projects, and work-life balance. We go behind the scenes on Alisha's photo project with our episode 59 guest, artist Sarah Bahbah, get into when she feels most comfortable in front of the camera, and how she feels about fashion. We discuss her values of friendship and home, the push-and-pull of inspiration, the beauty of a well-worn t-shirt, and the other items that make up her #obsixed list of 6 current obsessions.

"I want to be scared before every project. I want to work with people I can learn from." -Alisha Boe