August 2022

Alison Brie | Episode 115

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The immensely talented actor, writer, and producer Alison Brie is our episode 115 guest. A four-time collaborator of writer-director Jeff Baena, the pair have just put out Spin Me Round, a masterful and modern rom-com with a titanic twist, for IFC Films. Our captivating cover star is equal parts fan favorite and actor’s-actor, and on this podcast we discuss specific roles she’s played, her big body of work, roles on Mad Men, Community, GLOW and so much more. We talk tv versus film and the changed entertainment landscape, all peppered with intimate stories around her cool corral of creative collaborators, including husband Dave Franco, of course. We talk to the two-time Golden Globe and five-time SAG Award-nominated actor about what it’s truly like, being widely and publicly recognized for your work. We talk about her turn as a writer; about how she does it, where she writes from (literally and figuratively), and about creative partnership. We discuss refueling and recharging as an artist, and the important role exercise plays in her life. You’ll hear about the kinds of work Alison would like to take part in making in the future, as a writer, director and producer, and also as an actor, including her desire for doing something “dangerous and messy” when it comes to film. We talk working with women, basking in all things GLOW, Promising Young Woman, and exciting new project, Somebody I Used To Know, including the story about co-writing it in quarantine with her husband Dave, who is also director. Alison explains why fans of Community will get a kick out of its casting. She shares her special moment with Spielberg, all the details about unlike-anything-you’ve-seen Spin Me Round, down to Molly Shannon’s crazy costumes and how part of the film’s premise was sparked by an article about a certain Italian restaurant chain, and more.

"I feel like I've been really lucky to have some great opportunities in TV, and to make shows that are so different, tonally, Stories that find a passionate audience, that are really high quality." -Alison

"I love getting to tell a story that spans years, and watching a character grow and change across the years of a television show. It's really fun for me, getting to delve in and play characters who really develop a relationship with the audience." -Alison


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