May 2020

Angie Mar | Episode 35

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Award-Winning Chef, Beatrice Inn Restauranteur, + Author Angie Mar

Pioneering Through The Pandemic. Chef Angie Mar’s unapologetic and over-the-top approach to food, life, and style is contagious. During one of the most stressful times in the chef, author, and entrepreneur’s career, we sat down with her to discuss how her storied, landmark restaurant, The Beatrice Inn, has pivoted during the COVID19 pandemic both to serve the community, and the staff that she calls family. In this episode we discuss the stylishness of her food, the importance of mood and vibe, how she approaches cooking the way an artist approaches painting, her famous dry aging techniques, her far-from-traditional ways of writing recipes and creating menus, being a boss, her most thrilling restaurant guest, a current hot-issue topic in the food world, her enviable personal style, and the style of her home and table. Angie embodies the Story + Rain aesthetic and approach to life and style, and this is an in-depth conversation with a courageous, hard-working pioneer who does it all deliciously, with great attention to detail---and an even larger dose of glamour. It also includes an amazing lightning round of personal loves and recommendations.

"Food for me is very much art. It's an expression of what I'm feeling at the time, what I'm thinking at the time --- just whatever's inside and whatever's in my soul and I translate that onto a plate." - Angie Mar

"The style of my food is very much the way I dress or the music or the decor of the restaurant, it is very raw but still elegant at the same time. It has all of these contrasting ideas but even flavors, and textures, and all of that stuff." Angie Mar


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