August 2020

Ashley Streicher | Episode 46

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Celebrity Hairstylist + Co-Founder Of Striiike Ashley Streicher

Celebrity Style. It’s true that Ashley Streicher is one of the most sought-after hair stylists in the industry, and she’s also a beauty entrepreneur. Ashley helps to run beauty business, Striiike, with her 2 sisters, who are brow and makeup pros, respectively. The business was born out of pure demand: everyone loved the effortless collaboration and communication the women brought to their work as a team. Striike not only provides a full service beauty experience, it also has an expert curation of the products each of them love---and we love them too. As a freelance celebrity hairstylist, the modern looks that Ashley creates are nothing short of coveted. Her light-handed approach to hair, love of braids, embracing of natural hair texture and simply put, chic taste, is what clients adore and has them coming back for more. She creates of-the-moment looks that have laid back, cool-girl appeal. She recently hit a career milestone when she joined forces with forward-thinking haircare brand R+Co, where she’ll focus on content, education, and product-ideation, working alongside powerhouse co-founding members Garren, Thom Priano, and Howard McLaren. Having learned so much from clients’ opinions on scent over the years, Ashley’s particularly proud to have designed a specific scent for her R + Co products. Using her signature light-handed touch, she created a scent that’s unisex and smells divine. Listen in to hear Ashley share the completely unexpected way she first made contact with the beauty industry, discuss working with her sisters, learn why she’s been able to build the following she has, and hear about her hair philosophy and the detailed way she connects with clients to give them exactly what they need. We talk trends, being a tomboy as a kid, how nature affects her creativity, her favorite hair for red carpet and formal looks, and a lot of her great tastemaker picks.

"I've always felt that hair should look like a very nice version of what you have naturally. I think it's important to work with how it's supposed to look on your head. You grow it for a reason." Ashley Streicher

"I think I bring a lot to the table in terms of knowing what people want to use on themselves, which I think is important. It's one thing when a hairdresser is doing your hair, but it's another thing when you want to buy the product to use on yourself. And that's essentially what you're doing when you're buying a product, you have use it on yourself." - Ashley Streicher


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