September 2020

Bring The Fun to your Beauty Routine

6 Brands For Skin, Hair, and Makeup that Add Delight to Every Day

Raise your hand if you could use a little extra joy these days. I’m pretty sure that’s everyone. And a little more of that oft recommended self-care wouldn’t hurt either. With cheery packaging and quirky-cool concepts, these smile-worthy goodies give you a little of both. 


So where did the cult fave brand get its name? While founder Tiffany Masterson was researching hero ingredient marula oil, she found out that elephants get a little tipsy when eating the marula fruit—and Drunk Elephant was born! As for the pretty packaging, she wanted something that would not only protect the skin-loving antioxidants and actives from light and air but also pass along good vibes. “The formulations work hard, but there’s also a not-as-serious side and that’s where the whimsy and bright, happy colors come in, says Masterson. “I don’t take myself too seriously and neither does Drunk Elephant—but we both get the job done.”


Never before has healing a pimple been such an upbeat experience. Not your average acne treatment, Star Face stick-ons have hydrocolloid to absorb bacteria and fluid thereby flattening out spots. And there so cute that you may make you forget what’s hiding under there. The brand invites you to “pimple party” with other sunny products, too—face wash, pore strips, and face cream. 


Youth to the People is more than just a skincare brand. It’s a planet-loving, diversity-promoting, animal-protecting platform that encourages community. And while eating your way to a glowing complexion takes much discipline, Youth to the People’s food-infused formulas help you feed your skin topically with nutrient-rich lotions and potions with superfood vegan actives. There is smoothing berry eye cream, a skin-softening yerba mate microdermabrasion treatment, kombucha toner, and a brightening and balancing mask with spirulina, kale, and spinach to jumpstart your health kick. 


Who doesn’t love a multitasker? Alleyoop has mastered the concept with products that have the on-the-go girl’s back. “We will always be focused on creating simple and effective products that make women’s days easier, so they can spend extra time doing what they love instead,” says founder and CEO Leila Kashani. Enter products like Pen Pal, eyeliner, highlighter, and lip liner in one clickable pen form, a 4-in-one makeup brush, and a stackable face palette. 


You can’t help but have good hair days when you bust out goodies from the vibrant and amusing Brooklyn-born Amika line. The signature psychedelically printed hot tools and products (everything from dry shampoo to volumizer to dry conditioner) will surely pep up your primping process. There are also some unexpected, fresh formulas like scalp cleansing oil, mattifying volume powder, exfoliating jelly shampoo, and cooling conditioner. 


With a tagline like “seriously fun skincare”, I Dew Care is clearly all about boosting you and your complexion. I mean, why not wash your face or put on makeup with a unicorn headband (or go with the bear or cat version)? The ice cream collection features masks in pint-like packaging that not only look like the real thing but smell just as sweet (there’s matcha, birthday cake, and berry). And if that’s not your thing, the Magic Kitten line of rubbery hydrating, detoxifying, and illuminating masks complete with shimmery formulas are a pleasure to peel off. 

Drunk elephant
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Star face
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Matcha mood
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