April 2018

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6 Beauty Products (And 2 Accessories) That Keep Us Obsessed With Sparkle

The cold, dark days of winter had us practicing our skin skills. In an effort to brighten things up we swept bright shades of red and fuchsia on our lips. We dug into our makeup bags for bronzers, highlighters, for blush that would add a little life to our look. And then it happened. We fell in love with shimmer all over again, and just in time for spring. Naked Illuminated Powder will do that to you (trust us, you will want shop it below). We were reminded by our love for a little sparkle and the uplifting feeling it gives. Who doesn't love a glitter moment? We do. Shop 6 fabulous products that deliver the best in shimmer. And because we're clearly carried away, we've included 2 accessories that make the cut.

SHOP Naked Illuminated Shimmering Powder For Face + Body

Urban decay naked illuminated shimmering powder for face and body in luminous
Urban Decay $32.00 DETAILS

This lightweight, baked powder for face and body with microfine shimmer is at the very top of our list because of its unique formula and the stunning effect it creates. Naked Illuminated Powder is first baked on a terra cotta disc for 24 hours, and then finished by hand. Baking the powder gives it a high level of shimmer without the metallic look of cheaper formulas. The effect is a lightweight, sophisticated, microfine shimmer with light-reflecting particles that leaves skin with a truly luminous, radiant look. 

SHOP Bobbi Brown Shimmer Brick

Bobbi brown highlight   glow shimmer brick palette
Bobbi Brown $72.00 DETAILS

Grab this limited edition compact containing 3 versions of Bobbi Brown's bestselling Shimmer Brick now. Formulated with superfine pigments that reflect light and blend easily for a natural finish in universally flattering Rose, Copper Diamond, and Apricot.

SHOP Frank Body Shimmer Scrub

Frank body shimmer scrub
Frank Body $21.95 DETAILS

This bestselling body scrub continues to sell out everywhere. This particular formula of Frank Body limited edition Shimmer Scrub delivers three times the shimmer. Its a unique scrub that smells like sweet mocha coffee, and contains sugar granules that exfoliate while moisturizers like carrot and grapeseed oil soften. It contains iridescent mica particles that leave your skin with an even shimmer. Natural + vegan.

shop Prtty Peaushun Skin Tight Body Lotion

Prtty peaushun skin tight body lotion
Prtty Peaushun $39.00 DETAILS

We love this creamy Skin Tight Body Lotion that comes in all skin tones created by celebrity makeup artist Bethany Karlyn. Super subtle light-reflecting particles in a natural emollient base give the skin a flattering glow. It's meant to blur minor imperfections and enhance definition in arms and legs. Infused with organic botanicals.

SHOP Milk Makeup Eye Pigment

Milk makeup eye pigment in hotel lobby
MILK Makeup $24.00 DETAILS

This vivid Eye Pigment cream shadow delivers a major layer of shimmer to lids. We're impartial to it in "Hotel Lobby", a champagne shade that flatters while making eyes pop. And to top it off? This shadow is long lasting with no creasing.

SHOP Stila Glitterati Lip Top Coat

Stila glitterati lip top coat in embolden
Stila $22.00 DETAILS

If you're looking to add gorgeous (not theatrical) sparkle to lips, look no further. Stila's mega-sparkle Glitterati Lip Top Coat is specially designed to wear over matte liquid lipstick. This breakthrough formula contains ultra-fine pearls in a clear water base so it washes over lips adding high shine sparkle while keeping lip color matte. 


Elizabeth cole peggy earring
Elizabeth Cole $242.50 DETAILS
Coach delancey carnation gold tone pave   bracelet watch 36mm
Coach $595.00 DETAILS
Free people gold cascading shimmer anklet
Free People $36.00 DETAILS
Free people pink cascading shimmer anklet
Free People $36.00 DETAILS

SHOP Elizabeth Cole Peggy Earrings 

Decorated with Swarovski crystals and tiny faux pearls, Elizabeth Cole's Peggy Earrings are the perfect piece of costume jewelry to own. These show stopping earrings allow you to sport these and do little else. A simple dress gets a major boost by these flattering, angled shoulder grazers bearing a huge dose of versatile, neutral colored sparkle.

SHOP Coach Delancey Pave Watch 

We’re impressed by the workmanship on this fun, blinged-out watch in "Carnation Pink"—a subtle version of rose gold that produces an elegant look when combined with clear crystals. There are two ways to wear this Delancey Pave Watch. We prefer to not take it so seriously by pairing it with denim, a simple tee or blouse, and other bracelets. Alternatively, this is the watch to wear to your next black tie or formal occasion.


Mesh socks dotted with actual glitter caught our eye and we were instantly taken. Available in both gold and pink, we're reminded of a ballerina's costume; the Nutcracker Suite; but most of all—we can't stop thinking about pairing these with our highest Saint Laurent's or Jimmy Choo's