May 2018

Beauty Shop | Crazy For Coconut

Our round up of products featuring the ingredient that will nourish you in a number of ways.

We'll admit it, we're doing everything we can to feed our obsession with all things coconut. We love it on our skin, in our food, as the top note in our fragrances. This beloved tropical fruit/nut/seed has been cultivated by Tahitians for years, but only recently has it taken the beauty and wellness worlds by storm. Its sweet beachy aroma combined with a lengthy list of health benefits makes it one of our favorite ingredients of all time. Whether using it as a bath soak, a body scrub, or a luscious lip balm, we’re huge fans of incorporating it into our daily feel good/look good routines. There are so many coconut-infused products to love; here you can shop all of our ultimate favorites.

Rms beauty raw coconut cream
RMS Beauty $18.00 DETAILS
Lumira tahitian coconut candle
Lumira $65.00 DETAILS
Sephora collection cleansing   exfoliating wipes   coconut water
Sephora Collection $7.50 DETAILS
Gourmand edp fragrance
Gourmand $18.00 DETAILS
Herbivore botanicals  coconut soak
Herbivore Botanicals $18.00 DETAILS
Philosophy coconut frosting shampoo  shower gel   bubble bath
Philosophy $18.00 DETAILS
Pure fiji  coconut sugar rub coconut
Pure Fiji $28.94 DETAILS
Fresh coconut hydrating lip balm
Fresh $18.00 DETAILS
Thayers witch hazel alcohol free toner coconut water
Thayers sold out! DETAILS
Kopari coconut body glow
Kopari $42.00 DETAILS
Juice organics repairing hair mask
Juice Organics $14.00 DETAILS
Marc jacobs beauty finish line perfecting coconut setting powder
Marc Jacobs Beauty $44.00 DETAILS
The Wet Look by Wesley O'Meara ft. Barbara Palvin 2:23

Discover how top editorial hair stylist Wesley O'Meara used coconut cooking spray to achieve the Wet Look on cover girl model Barbara Palvin in our Prettiest Pal Around cover story. 


Coconut oil cooking spray
Trader Joe's $7.86 DETAILS