March 2020

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Fine jewelry designer Jacquie Aiche is known for using hand-selected minerals and crystals "that inspire feelings of love and beauty". In her Gyspy Crystal Handbook, she explains that rose quartz represents love, understanding, and forgiveness. You'll be attracted to rose quartz if you're holding onto a problem from the past, or can't seem to forgive someone who has wronged you. It is a "love spell for empathy". Colleen McCann, an LA-based shaman, intuitive crystal reader, and author of the book Crystal RX, calls rose quartz the "love doctor". According to McCann, rose quartz enhances all types of love: self love, unconditional love, love for others. It promotes positive energy, restores confidence, helps with emotional balance, releases stress, tension and anger, and helps curb jealousy. Talk about a wonder stone! In her book she describes how to make your own "love mist" using rose quartz, first by cleaning the crystal with sage, sunlight, moonlight, and water, and then pouring the crystal-charged water into a glass mister bottle, and adding argon and rose oil. You can shop Colleen's book HERE. If you prefer to decline the DIY and buy your own bottle , we love Jacquie Aiche's Rose Quartz Gypsy Mist of rosewater blended with rose quartz, where each crystal used in her formula is hand selected with intention and charged under the full moon. Use it to soothe, purify, hydrate, reduce redness, and shop it HERE. As you can see, we're crazy about quartz. Shop 12 more items from face masks to shampoo, primer and serum, each infused with this powerful pink mineral, the second most abundant mineral found in Earth. -Tamara Rappa

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Angela caglia
Angela Caglia $140.00 DETAILS
Feeling smitten
Feeling Smitten $30.00 DETAILS
Bioré $7.99 DETAILS
Pacifica $13.00 DETAILS
Acure $11.99 DETAILS
Acure $11.99 DETAILS
Själ $75.00 DETAILS
O o hawaii
O'o Hawaii $98.00 DETAILS
Knesko skin
Knesko Skin $35.00 DETAILS
Sephora collection
Sephora Collection $10.00 DETAILS
X creative
X-creative $32.99 DETAILS