May 2018

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6 Fragrances That Tell A Story

As you search for your next floral fragrance, think twice. The symbolism in flowers dates back as far as the Farmer’s Almanac, founded in 1792. We learned that some of our favorites send messages beyond what the nose knows.  

Bluebell: Humility

Jo malone wild bluebell cologne
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Gardenia: Secret love

Annick goutal gardenia passion eau de parfum
Annick Goutal $182.00 DETAILS

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Geranium: True friendship

Diptyque geranium odorata roll on
Diptyque $48.00 DETAILS

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Honeysuckle: Bonds of love

Fresh honeysuckle eau de parfum
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Iris: Communication

Aerin iris meadow
Aerin $120.00 DETAILS

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Lavender: Virtue

Tory burch jolie fleur lavande eau de parfum spray
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