January 2023

Best Of Golden Globes 2023 Hair

How To Achieve Julia Garner's Parted Platinum Crop By Celebrity Hairstylist Bobby Eliot

This week, as we kicked off 2023's awards season with the Golden Globes, taking in all the style choices the stars sported in beauty, we were most struck by award winner Julia Garner's platinum crop, with its wispy-sleek and simple look defined by a precise part, and how it paired with her bubble-gum-pink Gucci gown. Celebrity hairstylist Bobby Eliot, whom we called on to create Story + Rain cover star Syndey Sweeney's bouncy blonde tresses and retro updo, drew inspiration from Garner's gown in conceiving the look for the Ozark and Inventing Anna star. Describing her dress as "a breath of fresh air", Eliot wanted her hair feel "just as easy and modern". And that's precisely what we love about this style: it's easy and modern, but also manages to serve up some seriously confident drama.

To achieve Julia Garner's winning look, Bobby Eliot worked with an array of items from one of Story + Rain's favorite brands, GHD. Pro tip: If you're looking to start the new year armed with core essentials for creating legit red-carpet worthy hair on the fly---at any length---look no further. These are the six expert-approved tools that will get you there.

Start with freshly washed, towel dried hair. Use a GHD Detangling Comb to comb through any wet products being used on the hair, to melt them all together. Using GHD's Helios Hair Dryer, natural bristle brush, and oval dressing brush, blow dry the hair smooth, locking in shine and moisture with a combination of wrap drying and beveling for movement. Next, using a tail comb, section off hair into clean diagonal sections. Then, using, ghd's platinum+ styler flat iron, begin smoothing out the hair, section by section. While hair is still warm, use the oval dressing brush to mold hair around the face, sculpting it, so it will set with no crease. Lastly, use a texture spray at the roots and ends for added texture, and lock everything in with a finishing spray.

Best Supporting Actress Winner for Ozark Julia Garner at the 2023 Golden Globes Awards wearing Gucci and De Beers jewelry.