June 2022

Beth Hutchens | Episode 105

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Co-Founder + Creative Director Of FoundRae Beth Hutchens

Beth Hutchens of FoundRae has been an entrepreneur her entire adult life. The ritual of collection and the importance of quality seen in the fine jewelry and home décor brand was what she grew up with in her Quaker home, rich with stories and heritage that Beth says “feels alive and present” in her everyday life today. It all started when she and her Cynthia Rowley friend and co-worker, Rebecca Taylor, began making clothes. Rebecca wanted to start her own line, and Beth wanted to create clothes to wear out on the town in New York City’s nightclub scene. It was in 1996 when the pair were propelled to join forces to co-found what would become the wildly popular contemporary collection, Rebecca Taylor, where Beth was CEO until she followed a whisper to return more closely to her creative roots. The FoundRae collection was born in 2015, and has gone on to win CFDA and GEM awards, and develop a loyal fan and customer following, due in part to its incredibly distinct, stand-out brand identity in a sea of many, and its covet-worthy pieces that beg to be collected and layered. On episode 105, Beth shares her family’s fascinating artistic story and how it’s influenced her as a maker. We discuss her creative life in New York before taking the plunge into entrepreneurship and business, helping to establish the Rebecca Taylor brand and build the FoundRae brand. She shares what she’s learned about working with creatives, how to hire, how to be best at branding, the details of her own creative process, the art of collaging, how she thinks about design, and the marked differences between the fashion and jewelry industries. We talk about FoundRae’s one of a kind flagship store and store experience, and the brand’s customer. We discuss the impact that attention to detail can create, copycatting and intellectual property, being a jack of trades and more.

"It's warm. Coming from fashion, it was really refreshing. It's people operating by themselves, out of their homes, running up and down 47th Street. By the time you get to be around other people, you feel excited that you're in the room with others who love doing what you do. And I love the permanence. I love that each piece is intended to be owned for a lifetime, and hopefully the next lifetime. " - On Fine Jewelry + The Industry, Beth Hutchens

"Nothing can be too storied for me. And so in every detail, there's a story." - On Her Creative Vision, Beth Hutchens