October 2020

Busy Philipps | Episode 51

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Always Busy. As an actor, social media influencer, New York Times best selling author, one time talk show host, and newly anointed podcast host, one thing is for certain: Busy Philipps is ALWAYS busy. Brilliantly cast as a 90’s girl group member, Philipps’ latest project is Girls5eva, a Peacock comedy from Tina Fey, Robert Carlock and Meredith Scardino. The Hollywood veteran (though it perpetually feels like she’s the new girl in town, has been at it for 20 plus years. With noted roles in Judd Apatow’s cult favorite, Freaks + Geeks, to her part on Dawson’s Creek, and her beloved character Laurie on Cougar Town, Busy brings her je nais sais quoi to the entertainment industry---that special sauce that is, well, strictly Busy. She’s cut from her own cloth as they say, and fearless at that. Tackling her own talk show, writing a book, launching a podcast, open and honest always---Busy Philipps makes sure her voice is heard. Listen in and catch the uncontainable enthusiasm as we discuss her career, relationships, experiences to learn from, and more--- including the things this influencer loves to love.

“In order to create anything, you have to be able to have a great deal of empathy for someone else’s experience. You have to be able to place yourself there, because if you can’t, nothing truthful will come from it.” - Busy Philipps

"Part of the reckoning that we all, as women, have been able to come to in the last four years---and a lot of women have not been able to--- is that we don't have to hold onto things to make society and other people comfortable." - Busy Philipps


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