February 2021

Cristina Ehrlich | Episode 65

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Red Carpet Rainmaker. If you’ve got a mental picture of the Hollywood red carpet, you’re most likely visualizing outfits created by stylist Cristina Ehrlich. The two are synonymous. On this podcast Cristina describes growing up surrounded by glamour and beauty living in New York, Bel Air, and Europe. Her Italian mother was an interior designer who dressed, lived, and entertained well, and at an early age Cristina was to develop her meticulous, well-trained eye and appreciation for style. She specifically recalls being influenced by a Helmut Newton book of nudes that held court on the family coffee table. Cristina started out as a highly trained dancer, that turned to a short stint as an actor, and it was then that she decided to make the shift from performer to creator. This is an in-depth conversation with one of the world’s leading tastemakers in fashion. We discuss the realities of what it means to be a “celebrity” stylist, what it takes to work in the industry, and how she got her start. She shares details about how no two clients have the same needs, and her career-changing work with Penelope Cruz. We discuss the state of the red carpet today and how, currently, people have changed the way they dress. We discuss the most important and impactful clients, looks, and jobs of her career, and the high stakes and pressure involved. We talk about what’s fulfilling her creatively now, #CELoves, her recipe for a successful red carpet look, how her personal style has changed, the style icon she’s influenced by, and her inspirations and loves from brands to books to belts and more.

"The best advice I would ever give anybody wanting to get into this business is you have to learn how to be a tireless listener." - Cristina Ehrlich


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