February 2022

Dallas Shaw | Episode 96

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Illustrator, Artist, + Creative Director Dallas Shaw

Widely known for her fashion illustrations, Dallas Shaw has been a leading creative in the design and lifestyle industry for over fifteen years. A busy, working artist, Dallas works on projects that range from illustration work and abstract art, to creative direction and branding, to pop-up venues and interiors. Her list of clients is enviable, and many are long standing: a testament to the relationships she’s created by being thoughtful about what she calls her “yeses and no’s”. On episode 96 we talk about getting started at DKNY, and her collaborations with Dior, Carolina Herrera, Oscar de la Renta, Ralph Lauren, Anthropologie, Estee Lauder, Coach, Chanel, Target, Sotheby’s, and many others. With experience working with St Regis and Four Seasons hotels, these days, working on spaces has Dallas currently planted in Delaware, the state to which she moved for her former husband’s job, and where she’s launched a popular pop-up bar called Blitzen, and where she’s currently working on a coffee shop. Lately, she’s been focusing on her abstract art, and treasures a recent residency in Bermuda. On the podcast we talk about how she has a chance to re-do things with her second book on the horizon, her early days at and deep ties to Disney, being an accidental influencer, trying to find her next me, hotel rooms as the ultimate workspace, and how she creates a traditional palette before creating her art--which then becomes a personal touch she gifts to clients. We discuss how Dallas has discovered the importance of ritualizing her work, and what she does in practice of it.You’ll hear about the distinctiveness of her designs, her approach to color, what she’s learned most about being a working artist in several disciplines, and so much more. Dallas shares the favorite products and tools she uses to create her art and designs, and we tapped her for her #obsixed list of influencer obsessions.

"I've learned to choose my yeses and my noes very carefully. If it's a project or an art piece that I'm asked to do and I really connect with, of course, I'm going to say yes. If it's something I'm not connecting to and I say yes, that means I have to potentially say no to something I really want to do. Every yes is a no and every no is a yes to something else. Having the courage to say no, whenever I'm not sure, has brought on so many more projects I want to be doing." - Dallas Shaw

"You shouldn't put artists in a box. I think, for the most part, every illustrator, painter, or creative I've ever met is such a dreamer. When I first started in the industry, someone said to me, 'Oh, she's just a dreamer.' I got offended by that. Now, it’s the best compliment ever." - Dallas Shaw


The way she wears it
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Dior journal
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