January 2020

Damon DeGraff | Episode 23

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Psychic About Sound. Damon DeGraff is CEO and Partner of dGi Management, a New York-based artist management company. Its talent, recording artists, DJs, record producers, and visual artists, are among the most critically acclaimed and in-demand in their respective genres. Top clients include and have included Beverly Bond, DJ Cassidy, DJ Kiss, Chelsea Leyland, DJ Ruckus, The Misshapes, Paul Sevigny, Rev Run, Mia Moretti, Jermaine Dupri, DJ Pauly D, Kat DeLuna and many more. DeGraff is single-handedly responsible for creating what is known today as the “celebrity dj”. His first client was a young Mark Ronson, and on this episode, we discuss dGi's early days, and the beginning and building of Mark’s career. We also talk about how Damon, a kid from the island of Bermuda, got his start, including his evolution to providing the music for the biggest, best, and most exclusive celebrity and fashion parties and events that have ever existed. (And we even get into the details of what went down at a few of his favorites). We talk about what his role really means for the clients he represents and how culture has changed. We chat about the music and entertainment industries at the beginning of his career in the late 90’s and early 2000’s versus now, and what he’s currently working on. Damon has a wit, a style, a charm, and a swag that’s all his own and he has a list of contacts and clients that attest to how that, along with hustle, talent, and hard work have made him a notable name in music and entertainment.

"Mark [Ronson] was this young, white boy who was a dope DJ and I got him. You have to get it; you have to get somebody to get something and we got each other. We just started vibing and that point, honestly, there were no other DJs within that space. Together, we formulated what is the celebrity DJ." - Damon DeGraff