November 2023

Day In The Life | Ashley Longshore

A Cozy Peek Into The Artist's Colorful World In New York City, At Home, And Inside Her Newly Opened Gallery In Soho

It's a match made in heaven, and it finally happened: the larger-than-life artist Ashley Longshore has landed in New York City. We went a day in the life with the cool creator often described as a 'young feminist Andy Warhol', known for combining fashion and pop art, and for her outspoken social media presence and dedicated following. On planting roots in the city that never sleeps, Longshore told us "This has been a dream of mine for thirty years and nine months! I've just always felt like artists belong in Soho. I love the architecture here. I love the graffiti. I love the history of the area. It's my favorite part of the city. I feel like there's 'air' here. I love to see all the youngins' running around in their badass outfits...I'm  inspired." As we toured her three story gallery, raided her closet, and learned all about how the influential talent with a love of fashion and a zest for life takes her own distinctive bite out of the Big Apple, we, too, were inspired by all things Ashley Longshore's New York. And so will you.


  Inside Ashley Longshore's newly-opened gallery at 43 Crosby Street in New York City's Soho. The gorgeous and 'grammable loft space includes a shop of shelves filled with Longshore's many collectible gift offerings and books. It is a place where the artist plans to host events and cultivate community.

 "I had no idea what was ahead of me, in terms of dealing with contractors in New York City. I put on my Rick Owens acrylic-heeled boots so that I would be like six foot five. I had my huge metaphorical cock pulled out of my pants. I said, 'Did you see that sign? That's me. I'm the one writing your check. I have worked hard for this, and I don't appreciate your bullshit.'"

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Ashley Longshore's holiday drop is dropping on November 17th.

where I sleep

Of Longshore's new hometown of New York City, she says, "I love the theater. I love artists. I love bohemians. I love the museums. I love the food. I love the drag queens. I love that if you don't know who you are in New York, this city will eat you up, so it's full of people who know exactly who they are. They're authentic and incredible. That is my drug right now."

where i eat

"Tamarind Tribeca is my favorite restaurant. I'm actually going there tonight.  I always get the Saag Paneer and the Punjabi Tikhe's marinated in yogurt and jalapeno. I get the poori---crackers with mango chutney.  Tamarind has the best service. And it's so beautiful. And their martini is ice cold. I like a Stoli Elit martini, ice fucking cold, no vermouth, with a twist, and a little bit of ice on the top."

Ashley Longshore's drink of choice while she works? "I love matcha.I start my day off with matcha from ChaCha Matcha, and I try to drink water. But also, honey, at home I'll just get up, butt-ass naked, all the drapes wide open, and I'll stumble into the kitchen and make myself an oat milk matcha with Harney + Sons tea."

where I plaY

"Put me in a theater. Put me at Juliet. Put me at Shucked. Put me at Little Shop of Horrors. Put me in the third row at Moulin Rouge. Oh my be entertained in a city with the greatest talent in the world..."

On Here Lies Love and her love of theater: "You see this thing that David Byrne wrote for thirty years...It's unbelievable...the dancers and the talent and the wardrobe, and the idea that you can transport me to anywhere in the whole entire world. It is my portal. It is my love. Even the theater of this last fashion week...I loved it, and I celebrate all the creativity."

what i wear

"I'm really into Junya Watanabe right now, and anything Sacai. Some of my favorite pieces are also by Christopher Raxxy, like my cape that I just had embroidered. And I've got some Valentino and Oscar de la Renta moments that are pretty great." Her favorite accessory? Ashley says, "I mean, it's gotta be a smile. I know that's cheesy. And always sunglasses. God, always sunglasses."

"I don't buy or want to haul around big purses anymore.  I like a crossbody Fendi."

ABOVE: Ashley's rack of fashion week looks. "I'm actually a pretty goddamn organized person", Longshore explains. "My underwear drawer? Not so much. Everything else is organized. It has to be, or I'll freak out."

Ashley's day-to-day uniform always includes leather pants by Rick Owens.

Longshore has traded big purses for Fendi baguettes that are paired with Fendi's crossbody straps.

You'll always find Ashley Longshore in layers and layers of fine jewelry. Harwell Godfrey is a favorite designer these days; especially the 'Fuck Yeah' necklace she commissioned to commemorate the opening of her Crosby street gallery. "I really do love jewelry, they're my children", she says.

Statement sunglasses are Ashley Longshore's signature accessory, like those from Anna-Karin Karlsson, and the Linda Farrow + Jeremy Scott inflatable-look shades pictured above that Ashley "lives for".

"I love my Rick Owens shoes because, when you're at the airport, they just unzip. It makes things so easy, and they're cool. I just think they're cool as hell."

"Orto Parisi Seminalis perfume is a favorite."

Don't try to make Ashley Longshore watch The Real Housewives of ANYTHING. "I love films", she says. "I just re-watched all the Guillermo del Toro films...The Shape Of Water ? I LOVE that film. And I re-watch Girls all the time. I love Lena Dunham. She's an amazing writer."

"I love my face kit from Joanna Czech...there's an oil and toner and a retinol. I love skincare. I'm going go to her next week, and just let her massage my face. She does this hour long facial with cryo, then cool air, and then red light. What does the fucking red light do? I don't know!"

Ashley's go-to is an oat milk matcha latte.

"I always have fresh lime juice. I'll make it or just buy it,  'cause I'm like, 'I ain't got the strength to be squeezing these limes today.'"

While Ashley's creating her art, she'll "toss on some Sade in a heartbeat in the morning, then build to Róisín Murphy, and then go into fucking Jay-Z by the end of the afternoon."

"I want to spend my time with art and food" declares Longshore. "I don't want to be beaten down, and we can't escape what's going on anymore, because of our phones. The only way to combat it all is with chocolate chip cookies, Casa Dragones tequila, matcha, incredible Indian food, the theater, art, artists, and creatives."

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Lime juice

ABOVE: A perfect pairing:Ashley's at-home bar mixes well with a pile of jewelry. Visit Ashley Longshore Gallery at 43 Crosby Street in New York City.

"Color makes me feel alive. I love color. I have to be surrounded by color. As much as I understand having a very calm, serene environment, I love euphoria and I want to feel. "