April 2020

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Carafes, Shakers, and Tumblers: An Extension of the Foundrae Elements Jewelry Collection

Co-founded in 2015 by Beth Bugdaycay, the Foundrae collection of modern heirloom jewelry for both women and men is classic, personal, and "autobiographical". Seen as a "second skin" and intended to become a part of the wearer, each piece is first loaded with deep meaning in its design, and then takes on a layer of added meaning by the wearer. Bugdaycay, known for her exquisite taste in home design and decor, fully realized and ever-present at Foundrae's flagship store in downtown Manhattan, has released a fifteen piece glassware collection consisting of carafes, shakers, and tumblers each with a message, an extension of the Foundrae Elements grouping.  Like a true artist who is cohesive and storytelling in their work, Beth has designed the collection for the home to complement the latest Sealed Gemstones jewelry assortment. Hand-blown and hand-engraved in Istabul by artist Feleksan Onur of Fy-Shan Studios, the collection is inspired by 19th century wax seals. 

Each carafe comes with a relating card and element map, the style below in Champagne Citrine represents the element of "Metal". Metal represents determination, persistence, and tenacity. The Lunar tumbler set in Clear Quartz bears engravings of Bunny, Tiger, Elephant, and Snake, and each comes with a relating coaster. Each of four tumblers are engraved with one of the symbolic animals, representing "Abundant Love", "Dare To...", "Wisdom", and Wholeness", respectively. A glorious engraved shaker completes the cocktail repertoire that doubles as art. -Tamara Rappa

Metal carafe
Foundrae $1320.00 DETAILS
Aether shaker
Foundrae $1100.00 DETAILS
Lunar tumbler set
Foundrae $770.00 DETAILS

19th century seals inspire the collection.