January 2019

Inspired Home | Make Your Bedroom Your Sanctuary

It's All In The Details.

You don't need us to tell you that these days, it's getting harder and harder to "unplug". With the fast paced advance of technology, we find ourselves absolutely pinned down to not only work, but to our social lives. 24 hours a day. That's why we're committing to making our bedroom our sanctuary. Creating a pleasant space to rest and recharge is the tip of the iceberg. We're going the extra mile and furnishing our sleep spaces with the items that not only truly boost the quality of our sleep, but our health. Below, all the items you need to have sweet, sweet dreams, and more. -Tamara Rappa

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Anthropologie nelson storage nightstand
Anthropologie $498.00 DETAILS

Your bedside table is not meant to be an afterthought that simply coordinates with your bed. Fill it with a notebook and pen, books, lotion, lip balm.

Warby parker percey blue light blocking glasses
Warby Parker $145.00 DETAILS

Did you know that the harsh blue light we experience when using phones, tablets, laptops and watching television wreaks havoc on our body's production of melatonin? Counteract the effects by throwing these on before bed.

Cheryl strayed  brave enough
$14.99 DETAILS

From Cheryl Strayed, this is one of the hands down best book of quotes to inspire and empower.

West elm pearl drip painted notebook
West Elm $23.00 DETAILS

Start your morning by clearing your head with a minute of journaling; use a notebook to jot down dreams from the night before.

The ultimate dictionary of dream language by briceida ryan
Briceida Ryan $27.95 DETAILS

A dream dictionary will help you discover what you're really thinking over the course of a night's sleep.

Saje wellness om deluxe essential oil diffuser
Saje Natural Wellness $129.95 DETAILS

Our favorite diffuser pumps essential oil-scented mist for countless hours. Bonus: switch on your diffuser nightly to keep heat from drying out skin.

Saje essential oil
Saje Natural Wellness $22.95 DETAILS

Lavender is the single most important scent to aid in a calm and serene atmosphere conducive to sleep. Add some to your diffuser. Always.

Untitled 1
Alaska Bear $9.99 DETAILS

The best rated sleep mask on the market. Enough said.

Parachute sateen venice set
Parachute $279.00 DETAILS

Satin sheets are not only soft to the touch but they help to prevent wrinkles and lines on skin. Yes  please!

Terrain angel vine  small
Terrain $28.00 DETAILS

Plants bring oxygen and life to a room. Reinforce your sense of well being by tending to this natural wonder, and be reminded of it every day.

Dyson pure cool link
Dyson $394.45 DETAILS

Remove unwanted gases, allergens and pollutants from your bedroom with this air purifier that happens to look super chic.

Aurora spirits handmade dreamcatcher  little moon
Aurora Spirits $439.95 DETAILS

Steep yourself in tradition: hang a dreamcatcher in sunny spot in your room, and catch bad dreams as the light hits it.