November 2017

Day In The Life | Inside Zoë Chicco's Chic Downtown L.A. Showroom

We caught up with the California based designer whose brand just keeps on growing.

If Zoë Chicco’s downtown Los Angeles showroom is any indication of how her namesake line is doing, she is in a good place. Every time a space opens up on either side of the existing floorplan, which she has been in since 2008, “we take it and expand” says the designer. Zoë Chicco and its loyal customer base has grown rapidly since she started the brand in 1998. She is sold in over 200 retail outlets and the collections are favorited by celebrities like Hailey Baldwin, Charlize Theron and Jennifer Lawrence. “We have people who shopped with us from when they were in their twenties, and now they’re in their thirties and coming back to us for something more unique and expensive.” 

The line is synonymous with easy-to-wear, timeless, dainty pieces that can be worn alone or layered perfectly with other jewels and accessories. Carefully handcrafted in L.A. by a team of seven full-time artisans, the pieces feature 14-karat yellow, white and rose gold, diamonds and responsibly sourced gemstones like emeralds and turquoise cabochon. 

Who is the Zoë Chicco girl? “She’s the kind of person who wants to put her jewelry on and not take it off,” she continues, “she doesn’t want to have to worry about it, it goes with everything, and they’re the kind of pieces you don't have to remove to wear with something else.” One key feature that we love about her collections is the way she creates high-end statement pieces but also paired-down versions of them. “That’s what I always do and it’s a model that’s worked really, really well for us. We have options and can sell to a lot of different types of stores,” she says. 

While many of us rarely end up pursuing the career we dream of as a child (think pro athlete, A-list actress, zookeeper, you get it), there are always exceptions. This was the case for Zoë, who has been designing jewelry since she was 14 years old. After taking an art class in high school with a metalsmith, she fell in love with the art of adornment craftsmanship. She graduated from Skidmore College with a studio art degree and a metalsmith concentration and turned a lifelong passion into a career when she founded the brand in San Francisco after graduating. 

We spent the day inside her expanding L.A. workspace to talk details on her fab taste. We got the scoop on her favorite places to eat and drink, where she spends her free time, her home and more.


“There are a lot of gold accents, classic decor and earth tones that complement the brand,” she says of the elements in her office space. The downtown Los Angeles building is perfect for Zoë and she likes to bring her dog Rocco to work. “We like that we’re close to the jewelry district, but we’re not in the jewelry district.” 


Grand Central Market 

"This food court gem can get crazy on the weekends, but I am lucky that my office is only a couple of blocks away. I can pop over and grab breakfast at Eggslut, a coffee at G&B, or a sandwich (and a pickle!) at Wexler’s without too much trouble. And even if there is a line – it’s worth the wait," says Zoë.

Verve Coffee

This is Zoë's go-to for coffee. "If I am meeting with someone special (aka someone I want to impress), I meet them at Verve. It’s got that cool L.A. vibe all over it – from the beautiful space, to hipster coffee, and amazing juices and smoothies from Juice Served Here," she says. 


"Since I have been showing my collection in Paris the last couple of years, I have become a bit of a Francophile," she says. "Pitchoun is run by two French expats and what they are serving up is definitely the real deal. Everything is made in house and I’ve never had anything there that is short of amazing. C’est délicieux!"


“Our house is in the same neighborhood that we moved into when we first moved to L.A. 13 years ago. It’s a Spanish style house and has a lot of those details. It’s modern decor for the most part, with a little mid-century because i’m into that California vibe.”


“I’m very into basics. My daily uniform is a good jean, a good t-shirt and I normally wear flat shoes," she says. "I’m having a big moment with Anine Bing. The pieces are just really, really, really good staples. I’m obsessed with her right now.” Her other obsession? Gucci mules. 


On weekends, Zoë and her husband, Tim, like to take their son, Truman, and Rocco, hiking in Runyon Canyon. Weekends are "mostly filled with kid-related related activities," she says. "But I'm trying to branch out and do different things with Truman instead of going to the playground or to the beach," she says. Her family also loves a good beach vacation --Hawaii and Mexico are preferred destinations.  After studying abroad in Florence, Italy during college, the city tops her list of favorite places in Europe. "It's a small city and it's so magical. I have an affinity for it," she says. 

Discover and shop some of our favorite pieces from Zoë's current collection and find out what her 6 current obsessions are, below. 

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