New kari laks laydown

Metallic Dress

October 2017

Adorned with black glass buttons reminiscent of the ‘50s, Karie Laks’ vintage-inspired dress is destined to be the heroine of your holiday wardrobe. The fit is especially flattering—the gathered waist and long hem will slim and lengthen your silhouette. This shimmering dress, with its feather-light weight, takes to layering perfectly and has a chameleon-like ability to transform with the woman who wears it. Style yours with velvet heels for the holiday season or try sneakers and a bomber jacket for a more casual look.

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Karie Laks $490.00 DETAILS

Karie Laks is a designer who truly understands versatility and the importance of the right fit.  A former dancer and veteran designer for esteemed labels Proenza Schoulder and Vera Wang, Laks is also a costume designer. Her experience and personal taste have lead her to a studied consideration of traditional vs. progressive, old vs. new, classic vs. modern—which is why we teamed up with Karie to bring back our favorite Laks design.