September 2020

Dove Cameron | Episode 48

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Actor, Singer + Story + Rain Cover Star Dove Cameron

Dove Conquers All. You might think Dove Cameron is the typical American child star birthed by the world of Disney. She’s not. The actress and singer might’ve even reset the perception and “mold” in terms of what people have come to expect. This podcast features a very honest and real discussion with the star that, amongst other things, sheds intimate light on what it was like starting in the entertainment industry at a very young age, and working with that powerhouse brand---and all that it comes with----for better or worse. Dove is a true creative. She was raised that way, and a lot of her open mindedness is due to the creative freedom she’s exercised since she was a very young girl. She’s experienced some personal tragedies and deep wounding, has been vocal about that, and her mental health, and we talk about where she is today and what she’s learning. Recently, Dove spent time protesting on behalf of racial equality. We discuss her experience, and how seeing people standing up for what’s right was “calming” to her. Being a multi-talent, an actor and also a singer, we talk about the differences in working within each craft. You’ll hear what it was like working on a recent UK stage production, which actors she admires, and we get really specific about her goals and the importance of expressing herself honestly. And also, working so much that it allows her to discover new levels of herself. We get into body image, the big subject of social media and her over 30 million followers on Instagram. Here, you'll get to know Dove and her unique perspective on life and its many facets. We talk boyfriends, best friends, and a ton of her favorite things including her perfect summer day, favorite vacation, how she views her style and others.

"I very much have to free myself of other people's opinions of what's appropriate to discuss, because I need to be comfortable in the reality of my life and not put taboo placements over a vast majority of my experiences." - Dove Cameron

"I always encourage women to express themselves with their body and sexuality in whatever way they feel comfortable, because it's not about anybody else." - Dove Cameron


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