February 2021

Eva Zuckerman | Episode 67

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When Opposites Attract. Fine jewelry designer and fine artist Eva Zuckerman’s aesthetic is grounded in black with neutrals, but she grew up in a colorful life. She was born and raised in New York’s West Village and in Switzerland where her mother is from. And when it came to her schooling, it was a mix of uptown (The Dalton School) and downtown (Cooper Union). And then of course there’s the entrepreneurial and artful influence of her father and grandfather, who quite literally invented what is known as the temporary tattoo. Eva loves the juxtaposition of tough meets tender, and you can see this in her Eva Fehren Fine Jewelry Collection, and in all of her work as an artist. The way she uses materials and her feminine yet sleek design aesthetic has paved the way for others. For Eva, industrial, architectural, and geometric elements give way to sharp edges, clean lines, and delicate details. On this podcast we discuss the day when jewelry came into the picture for the fine-arts trained creative. We discuss how her painting, home decor, furniture, and jewelry design combine to fulfill her creatively. We talk about her famous and highly coveted X ring coming onto the scene, and the copycats that followed. We discuss her custom work and making one-of-a-kind pieces, and her engagement collection. We asked her all about taking part in the CFDA Vogue Fashion Fund. We got into how she gets her best ideas of course and where she puts them down. We discuss her connection to drawing and how she’s creative in ways outside of her work. We talk about what she’s learned going on ten years of her business and creating a brand that’s distinct. One in a rare few of entirely original creators and inventors of style, Story + Rain Founder + EIC Tamara has known Eva since the day her collection officially launched to the press, so she took a minute to catch up with her about her style-go to’s and favorites now that she’s a new mother. 

“It felt like a really new thing when I was developing it. To totally focus on stacking, the idea of how you combine layer pieces is just as important as the individual piece.” - Eva Zuckerman


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