March 2021

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Items From The World Of Jennifer Fisher That We Love Most

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Recently on our Story + Rain Talks podcast, designer Jennifer Fisher told us, "We make those things that everyone needs. Why not make basic things that are so necessary, and also beautiful, but give them a little spin, elevating the things that we need?"

Jennifer Fisher has seriously established herself not only in jewelry, but as a brand lifestyle to love. Below you'll find a mix of our Jennifer Fisher favorites, from dinner plates created in collaboration with CB2, to her incredible salt blends as cooking hacks, that we love to use on avocados, eggs, and fish. We always look to Fisher for the perfect hoops in all sizes, chic chain link, necklaces to layer, and a plethora of ways to personalize. What started out as the former stylist creating a day-to-day necklace for herself, one that she couldn’t find in stores, has turned into a website filled with must-have pieces. Starlets (including Story + Rain launch issue cover star, Hailey Bieber), stylists, editors…and everyone...can’t get enough of her simple but spot-on, sexy staples, and layered look. Jennifer Fisher has an intuition for just the right shapes, and the combo of it all. When she began sharing food photos and recipes, along with a @jenniferfisherkitchen Instagram handle to make it official, another layer to her brand was born. contains a well-stocked healthy recipe section, recipes Fisher tells us "are simple, that anyone can make". It also contains a section that both displays and links to the Jennifer Fisher +CB2 collaboration collection of home and kitchen decor. On the site you'll find a convenient way to book in-store appointments at the brand's New York and Los Angeles locations. There is even a place to shop pouches and earring-backs, making it easy to keep your JF pieces in great shape. We've got 14 reasons to count as a digital destination. And as loyal fans of Jennifer Fisher Jewelry and Fisher's followers wait with bated breath to see what she’ll come up with next, so do we.

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Not too far from where the native Californian grew up, when in Los Angeles, hit Jennifer Fisher's newly opened North Canon Drive store in Beverly hills.

Jf digital destination
Jennifer Fisher + CB2 $79.95 DETAILS
Jennifer Fisher + CB2 $9.95 DETAILS
Jf digital destination
Jennifer Fisher + CB2 $15.95 DETAILS
Jf lamppng
Jennifer Fisher + CB2 $399.00 DETAILS
Swirl mug
Jennifer Fisher + CB2 $9.95 DETAILS
Martini glass
Jennifer Fisher + CB2 $12.95 DETAILS
Mini jamma hoops
Jennifer Fisher $450.00 DETAILS
Samira silver hoops
Jennifer Fisher $500.00 DETAILS
Rose gold hoops
Jennifer Fisher $490.00 DETAILS
Ear cuff set
Jennifer Fisher $195.00 DETAILS
Jf large chain
Jennifer Fisher $450.00 DETAILS
Jf large chain cuff
Jennifer Fisher $695.00 DETAILS
Jf kitchen 1680x945 features a selection of Jennifer's own recipes, giving us even more to feast our eyes upon.

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Story + Rain's launch cover star, Hailey Bieber, is one of many notable fans of Jennifer Fisher Jewelry. Hailey is wearing Baby Missy Hoops (left), and Samira Huggies (right).

Tastemaker trio: shop Jennifer Fisher Kitchen Spicy Salt, Universal Salt, and Curry Salt.

Listen to our full conversation with designer Jennifer Fisher on our Story + Rain Talks podcast, available on Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Soundcloud, The Podcast App, Google Podcasts, Listen Notes, and Stitcher.