October 2020

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Peek Inside And Recreate The Menu From Laduree + Bagatelle's Ultra-Chic Pop Up Experience

This month in New York City, Ladurée, the 150-year old iconic French restaurant and teahouse, and Bagatelle, the wildly popular French bistro, collaborated for a dreamy pop up dining experience.  During the month of October, select evenings in Ladurée’s magical back garden offered a bespoke dinner menu by Bagatelle paired with Ladurée's famous desserts. It was a match made in heaven. Guests dined under the stars feeling fully transported by both the menu and the setting, and we're sharing two perfectly paired items from the exclusive collab so you can recreate all the sumptuous and sexy magic at home.

Elisabeth Holder, President of Ladurée U.S., on Ladurée's famed Ispahan dessert: "The sophisticated signature pastry made of rose-flavored macaron shells filled with cream and fresh raspberries is easy to make at home". 

October 2020



2 cups almond flour 
2 cups icing sugar 
4 egg whites  
1/2 tablespoon red food colorant
3 egg whites 
2 cups granulated sugar  

butter cream
2 egg whites 
1 cup granulated sugar 
1 cup butter, whipped
2 teaspoon rose syrup 
1/4 teaspoon rose water  

1 box of raspberries
5 pieces of lychees


To make the macarons: Combine the almond flour with the icing sugar in a bowl and use a whisk. 

In a clean dry bowl whisk 3 egg whites to a foam, once they are frothy add a third of the granulated sugar and whip until sugar is dissolved, add another third of granulated sugar, whip for another minute: finally add the remaining granulated and whip for one more minute. Using a rubber spatula, delicately fold the mix of almond powder and icing sugar into the whipped egg white. In a separate small bowl, beat another egg white with the red colorant until just frothy. Then add to the final mixture folding gently to slightly loosen the batter.

Transfer the mixture to the pipping bag. On a baking sheet pipe a disk of batter in spiral.

Preheat the oven to 325°F.

Allow the piped batter to rest uncovered for 10 minutes before placing in the oven so it form a slight crust.

Place the tray in the oven for about 15 to 20 minutes.

Remove from the oven and allow to cool.

To make the butter cream: In a dry clean bowl whisk the 2 remaining eggs with the granulated sugar in three time (same process as before).

Add the room temperature flavored butter, and whisk all together for 1 minute.

To serve: Transfer the butter cream in a pipping bag, flip half of your macaron's shell and pipe some butter cream in the middle of those (keep the other half of shells for the top). Put 1 raspberry inside the cream, and add more all around. Add 3 pieces of lychee in the middle, a little bit more of butter cream and put the second shell of the macaron on the top. Decorate your Ispahan with a rose petal and a raspberry.

Ispahan 1200x675
October 2020

Whole Roasted Chicken with Foie Gras


1 cup unsalted butter, softened
2 ounces foie-gras morsels
1/2 cup fresh brioche bread, diced to 1/4”
2 tablespoon parsley
1 3-pound hen
1 teaspoon fresh thyme leaves
kosher salt and freshly ground pepper to taste


Place the butter and the foie-gras in a food processor and process until smooth. Take out 1/2 cup of the butter and refrigerate the rest. In a small mixing bowl combine the remaining butter and foie mixture with the breadcrumbs, thyme, and parsley. Remove the hen's wishbone by lifting the skin around the neck, locating the wishbone, and scraping away the meat with a small paring knife. Detach the bone from the wing joint and pull away. Using your fingers, separate the skin from the meat over the breast and legs.

Fill a tip-less pastry bag with 1/2 cup of the stuffing. Slip the bag under the skin and pipe in butter over the legs and breast. With your fingers on the skin, press the butter evenly over the meat. Season the cavity with salt and pepper. Tie the legs together and refrigerate for 2 hours.

Preheat the oven to 450°F. Place the hen in a roasting pan and season the skin with salt and pepper. Melt 1/2 cup of butter and brush generously over the skin. Roast 30 minutes, basting with the melted butter. Lower the temperature to 375F and baste until the hen is cooked, about 45 minutes.

Remove the hen from the pan and let sit for 15 minutes. Meanwhile, degrease the pan juices. Place over medium heat, add the demi-glace and simmer 1 minute. Turn heat to low and whisk in the remaining foie-gras butter. Season with pepper and salt if needed. Carve the hen.

To serve, divide the pasta among 4 plates. Surround with the sauce and top with slices of the hen. Serve.

Laduree chicken 1200x675

Bagatelle's Executive Chef, Michael Shields, uses heritage, farm raised chicken for this signature dish, thoughtfully included on the simple and elegant menu. "It has the best flavor and we stuff it with foie gras, butter, and brioche to preserve tenderness and juiciness, and also to provide a crispy yet delicate skin." 

The full menu from Ladurée and Bagatelle's New York City pop up.

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