May 2020

Inspired Home | Above Board

Top Your Table For The Proper Way To Play With Games That Double As Decor

We're spending most of our time at home and many of us have discovered new hobbies. Maybe we're playing with puzzles. Or binging on board games . Playing cards, packages of pieces; we're constantly cleaning the clutter. Piles of papers, computers, and cords litter the living room. And all the mess made from a week's worth of at-home culinary creations? Well, that just adds to the task of keeping things tidy. Lately, we've noticed an array of brands who have taken to elevating the otherwise every-day gaggle of games by making them, well, glamorous. From chess and tic tac toe in lucite to beautifully embellished sets of cards, the time has come to be above board---with the proper way to play.
-Tamara Rappa

CB2 $149.00 DETAILS
Burke design
Burke Decor $96.00 DETAILS
Pottery barn
Pottery Barn $141.50 DETAILS
Jonathan Adler $28.00 DETAILS
Sunnylife lucite tic tac toe game
Sunnylife $60.00 DETAILS
Sunnylife $54.00 DETAILS