October 2020

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Floral Design Studio Under New MGMT Approaches Florals With An Artist's Sensibility

We were instantly impressed by the LA based, forward thinking floral brand the minute we began working with them. When we asked October 2020 cover star Busy Philipps about her favorite flowers, she connected us with Under New MGMT, a one-of-a-kind, WOC-owned company that launched just a year earlier. The idea for the business was hatched in the back of a U Haul van during a freebie job, the kind of job that many freelance creatives know far too well. Owner Alexandra Floro brings over ten years of experience to the production and events game, and one thing that makes the work her brand creates stand apart from the rest, is that very eye that comes with a background in production.

For the October story we were to shoot in Busy's home, and so we wanted to add touches and details that were a reflection of her excellent taste. We thought, if Busy's color sensibility is reflected in her choices in flowers, flowers are a must. As Story + Rain prop-planned, what we came to find out, is that there is nothing that isn't extraordinary about Under New MGMT's artful arrangements and brand identity. With almost uncanny precision, they approach florals with an artist's sensibility. When you're looking at a photo of one of their creations, you could swear you're looking at a piece of art. Their large scale floral installations aren't exactly straightforward, they tell stories. What's more? Under New MGMT allows their experiences as immigrants and people of color to guide their creative touch, and then, they add a great big dose of pop culture and cheeky references for a visual mix that's undoubtedly modern. They pride themselves as being a company who works with clients they describe as "boundary pushers",  who are "open minded" and who "share their core values". Clients include Bumble, Netflix, and Nike. Some of those values include the exclusive hiring of POC and LGBTQ+ artists and craftspeople, making sure to provide above market wages for not only their time, but in appreciation for their creativity. Rooted in community, the floral design studio runs The People's Bodega, which provides free food and PPE supplies to protestors and underserved groups. And there's a community fridge that serves up to seventy people a day. Talk about having a more ways than one. Support and shop Under New MGMT here.

One of Under New MGMT's otherworldly creations.

Under New MGMT founder and owner Alex Floro.

Flowers | Photography by Carianne Older
Head Shots | Photography by Jessica Pomerantz