July 2022

Joey Wölffer | Episode 109

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Chief Brand Officer + Co-Owner of Wölffer Estate Vineyard, Founder of Joey Wölffer

New York native Joey Wölffer has years of impressive entrepreneurship under her belt. Pun intended, as the Chief Brand Officer and Co-Owner of Hamptons-based Wölffer Estate Vineyard also runs a fashion business, developed an early background in fashion, and has a particular affinity and eye for accessories. Carrying on the innovative legacy of her father, Joey and her brother Marc took over Wölffer in early 2013, and on episode 109 of the podcast, Joey shares intimate details about her father, her family, and the many roots that were planted and that have brought her to her multifaceted work today. We talk about her European upbringing and the choices her parents made to raise her outside of New York City, the Hamptons then and now, and her treasured time in London sparked by the need to get away from a “horrible” boyfriend, of course. We get into all the details behind the brand’s iconic Summer in a Bottle Rosé and its success, and why rosé has exploded as our cultural drink of choice. We discuss the various businesses under the Wölffer umbrella, and Wölffer’s famously appealing and authentic branding and design that Joey is responsible for. We talk all about core values, working with and as family, her non-corporate approach to business, and how staying in one’s lane produces the right results. Listen in for a volley back and forth: it’s wine-fashion, fashion-wine…as we discuss Joey’s career path between the two and why she chooses to stay busy for inspiration, how one facet of her life inspires another, Joey noting that she’s the most successful when she’s doing the most. We talk to the tastemaker about all her favorite things, what inspires her, how she gets the big ideas, what she’s wearing now and how her style has evolved, and being inspired by Morocco. We talk Wölffer merch, the origins of Styleliner---her before-its-time fashion pop-up, and her experience as a brick and mortar retailer. It’s an exhilarating talk that includes what Joey’s learned most about the intersection of creativity and business over the last ten years, and so much more, including her Obsixed list of current obsessions 

"Free-spirited, bohemian, creative, artistic. We have never, ever deviated from that. We are a customer service business in the heart of The Hamptons. we are kind. we are welcoming. We don't have a VIP list. Everybody is welcome. That is how I run my business. " - Joey Wölffer 

"I am a humble human, and I think that's such a key to success...having a competitive spirit, always wanting to learn." - Joey Wölffer 


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