June 2020

Lele Sadoughi | Episode 40

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Multi-Category Accessories Designer Lele Sadoughi

Cultivating A Cult Following. Lele Sadoughi has been designing accessories that the modern American woman can't get enough of for over ten years. From her signature work for J Crew to her cult-status statement headbands, Lele has her pulse on the bells and whistles that we all want. It’s no wonder. The designer studied at the prestigious Central St Martins school in London and has worked for the country’s top fashion brands, like Rebecca Taylor and Tory Burch. These days her jewelry, hair accessories, sunglasses, hosiery, belts, visors + hats, and now, handbags and masks, and coming soon--scarves---can be found all over it-girls everywhere while being sold in all the best places… Shopbop, Neiman Marcus, Saks, top retailers abroad, to name a few. We discuss Lele’s most thrilling moments as a designer and entrepreneur, like the time that Kate Middleton wore her classic black velvet headband, and when she sold out of her tie dye headband in 30 minutes flat. We talk about the differences in working for a brand versus working for yourself, her line's greatest hits, how she got her start, the amazing story behind her inspiration for the headband that started a worldwide trend, and her must-haves + favorite things.

"I feel like I've been doing this for a while and I think that you have to understand longevity and the balance of looking at your core items that people resonate with and evolving them. It's a balance of doing things that people want and giving them something a little new and keeping it exciting for them to keep coming back." - Lele Sadoughi

"I started my business at a time when I was getting engaged and I was pregnant. I had two kids in 17 months in the first two years of my business. So I was crazy. I just didn't have time to do anything and I did not have time to do my hair. And so I think my daughter was two at the time and I would just would throw on a little kid's headband and I'm like this just felt like my hair is a bit more polished. I feel like more done up.' - Lele Sadoughi