November 2022

Lily Kunin Doran | Episode 121

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To The Podcast Featuring Lily Kunin Doran, Plant-Based Cook, Health Coach, + Co-Founder of Clean Market

It’s a great time of year to remain cognizant of personal wellness, and this week we’re doing just that with health coach, plant-based cook, Instagram pioneer, and Co-Founder of Clean Market, Lily Kunin Doran. Lily turned heads in the early days of Instagram with her gorgeous and healthy, rainbow-bright smoothie bowls. On episode 121, we go back to that time, and to all that went viral and why. We talk about the relationship that Lily forged with beauty and wellness legend and our episode 47 podcast guest, Bobbi Brown. We get into all things Lily’s cookbook, Good Clean Food, including the mask recipe included in its pages that she still relies upon today. We discuss her current self care habits and diet, and how those have evolved over the years and since co-founding Clean Market, wellness spaces filled with a truly unique combination of doctor-led treatments from IV drips to lymphatic massage and more, along with a carefully hand picked, best-in-class retail curation by Lily. She brings us to the beginning of her story and how her upbringing along with some personal physical struggles sparked her quest for better health. We get into detail about exactly how cooking at home turned into a social media pursuit, how she cooks and entertains today, her approach to work and to exercise, and how she creates work-life balance. Lastly, Lily fills us in on what’s next, including her idea for a new book that’s brewing involving children, and more treatments at Clean Market. Lily shares her secrets for good clean skin, what she’s reading, wearing, and more.

"If creatives don't have space to think, nothing will happen. If you're in meetings all day and it's back-to-back chaos, you're never going to come up with your greatest idea." -Lily

"When I eliminated gluten, I had such a profound shift. It became kind of like a fun experiment, to see the impact of other things on how I feel, on how I look." -Lily

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