October 2022

Luke Macfarlane | Episode 120

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Our episode 120 guest is on the mark: our latest cover star continues to bring intelligence to his choices as an actor, and while doing so, harnesses the power of his diverse fan base. Specifically speaking, Luke Macfarlane brings his skill for playing luscious leading roles to gay rom-com Bros, from writer-director Nick Stoller, producer Judd Apatow, and co-star and writer, Billy Eichner. And yes, there’s another Hallmark holiday on the way, and also, a star-studded AppleTV+ series to come. We sat down with the Julliard-trained actor to talk about his current projects, his career path, and who he is and how he spends his time off the set. We head down memory lane with days at Juilliard, and how NewYork will always feel like the place where his creative life really started. We talk about how he ultimately decided to ditch the cello for acting, and his continued love of music and for doing theater. We talk being Canadian, and obtaining American citizenship. It’s an intimate and incredibly honest discussion where Luke shares thoughts on being a longtime openly gay actor, the opportunities that have come his way, and his hope for future roles within the action genre. We talk in detail about Luke’s north star: the importance of doing the work, and how that’s helped him navigate decision-making when it comes to his career. He also shares how being open-minded has and will continue to serve him, “We all have ideas about where we want to head, but then we also look down the road, and followwhere the road is guiding us a little bit, too”, Luke shares on the podcast. His thoughtful approach to all things, and his integrity, are both infectious and inspiring. We talk about being a part of groundbreaking tv and film, the 360 moment he’s experiencing now, with his film, Bros, and then, with his series Brothers + Sisters, and all that time in between, including the three series he was on. We talk about one of his very favorite roles, in a PBS period piece. And we talk all things Brothers + Sisters of course, and how what was supposed to be a short stint, turned into him appearing in nearly every episode across five seasons, and people falling in love with his character, Scotty. Luke shares the important things that he learned from Sally Field at that time, and from cast members like Rob Lowe and Calista Flockhart. Luke talks all about being a Hallmark leading man and the “Tom Cruise” of the channel’s much-loved films. Listen in to episode 120 for tons of Hallmark BTS, including how working on the films has fostered trust in his instincts. And hear all about what it was like to make Bros, specifically how he collaborated with the modern rom-com’s crew, and how he approached playing his character Aaron, mentally, emotionally, and physically. We talk about his beloved woodworking hobby, and how it’s key to his psychic health. This and so much more, including a list of his current favorite things. Enjoy this wonderful, in-depth conversation with actor Luke Macfarlane.

"Why am I the guy who is getting these opportunities? The truth is, because I'm an openly gay actor, and I guess that is still sort of a rare thing." -Luke

"As actors, we always desire the ability to be more transformative and to disappear into a character. That’s not to diminish or take away anything from either Aaron or Scotty, but I do long for the day when I won’t have to celebrate this special-ness of narrative. It’ll just be a part of collective storytelling." -Luke


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