March 2022

@MamaMedicine's At-Home Skin Care Secrets

Weekend Rituals for Preparing And Practicing Nourishing, Homemade, High Vibe Self Care

 We recently went Live on Instagram with Deborah Hanekamp, aka @Mamamedicine, who demonstrated her DIY rosemary + rose facial steam.  


1. Fill a large, wide bowl with spring water heated between 80 and 100 degrees fahrenheit. Deborah loves to use her brass sound bowl for this, and we have a rose quartz bowl that you can shop below.

2. Pour a small handful of dried rose buds or fresh rose petals from one entire rose into the water. Then add one drop of rosemary essential oil or a few fresh or dry rosemary leaves to the mixture. Make sure you can smell both the rose + rosemary in the bowl. If you can't, just add more rose or rosemary as needed. 

3. Take a moment to pause and intentionally drop into the space. Tell the plants why are you approaching them, and tell them what you need from them to help. 

4. Next, take a towel and place it completely over your face and over the bowl. Breath in the steam, let it soak into your pores, and relax into the ritual.

5. When you're done, drench your skin with a moisturizing face oil. Deborah's favorite face oil is by Mojave Desert Skin Shield, which you can shop below.

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From Space by Mama Medicine's Skin Secrets Course. A winter skin ritual to prepare your skin for spring.

1. To begin this Ritual, put on your favorite music to dance to, or check out Mama Medicine's Gold Aura playlist on Spotify under our Story + Rain profile. Dance and play for at least fifteen minutes until a gentle sweat appears on your brow.

2. Create a healing and activating bath using: a cup of tulsi or basil tea, fresh orange slices from 3 oranges, a tiny pinch ( ⅓ of a teaspoon) of turmeric, two tablespoons of local honey, 1 or more cinnamon sticks.

3. Grab your favorite body oil (we love Uma Absolute Anti-Aging Body Oil) and gua sha tool or an ocean-smoothed flat stone found on the beach, and set it by the bath.

4. Light a candle.

5. Cleanse your aura with a selenite wand (or just take a cleansing breath).

6. Body brush for three minutes.

7. Step into the bath and dunk your head under the water.

8. Sing a song that makes you feel the most present, sing to the water you bathe in and the waters of your body and soul.

9. Using your gua sha or smooth ocean stone, gently massage body oil into your skin in an upward and outward motion.

10. Practice a breathing exercise of short, fast exhales through the nose for as long as you can.
Sit and soak in the magic and medicine you created.

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Mama Medicine is Deborah Hanekamp, the author of the bestselling book Ritual Baths and founder of SPACE by Mama Medicine. Mama Medicine facilitates Medicine Readings online and all over the world. 

Find the Mama Medicine Aura Gold playlist on our Spotify channel HERE