September 2019

Millana Snow | Episode 12

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Democratizing Wellness. In this Magic In The Mix episode, wellness expert, influencer, and radio host Millana Snow joins Tamara and mutual friend, fashion-executive-turned-chef, Alicia Liu. As a healer trained in a multitude of modalities, Snow is taking her vast network and developing Wellness Official, a website and community with a mission to "democratize wellness", where practitioners and clients can connect to both give and receive services that span the scope of self care and wellness. On this episode, we talk about how, where, and why it's ok for commerce and wellness to coexist: a controversial topic these days. Millana takes us back to her time as a model contestant on Project Runway. We discuss her winding career trajectory, entrepreneurship, who to trust in business, and both her early influences and early start, as a healer.

“Instead of buying Chanel, maybe you should invest in some deep healing therapy for the next two months.” - Millana Snow

"It's so important for us to always be in a state of evolution. I recognize that I'm not perfect and I have a lot of room to grow. There's a lot that I don't know. That's what has been the biggest support for me is that I need to continue to learn because I don't have it figured out even though I have been studying for over 20 years." - Millana Snow