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Later, Please
October 2020

Obsixed for 7 | Lauren Cohan

Discover + Shop The Star Of The Walking Dead's Favorite Things

  1. John lewis  good trouble
    The late Congressman John Lewis
    “I’ve always had such a soft spot for his leadership, and have taken Atlanta as a home. I have pride for him and everything he stood for. His story is incredibly inspiring, and a reminder to live my life in a way that honors his work and legacy.”
  2. Salt fat acid heat book
    Salt Fat Acid Heat
    "I watched Samin Nosrat's Netflix series and also just bought her cookbook. Her passion for community and connection through food is life affirming and infectious."
  3. Lucas papaw
    Lucas' Papaw Ointment
    "I use it as lip balm, and if I want to do natural makeup, I use it as a dewy eye shadow balm or a cheek highlighter. With all the hand washing I'm doing as of late, I also use it on my knuckles to keep them from drying out."
  4. Lauren cohan paint
    "Painting. I am getting better every day. My boyfriend paints, and we have nice evenings where we put on some music, relax, and paint the same subject. We use acrylics. If I was better I might use oils."
  5. Yogurt
    Culina Coconut Yogurt
    "It’s expensive but it’s a very special treat. The glass jars it comes in are reusable for salad dressings, little homemade desserts, and the like."
  6. Sumac
    The spice sumac
    "We make Turkish eggs, from a recipe I copied from this restaurant Botanica in LA, you make a butter and sumac spice and oil melt, with spring onion. I'll drizzle it all over a fresh herby salad, with garlicky yogurt on the side."