August 2022

Obsixed for 7 | Week of August 15, 2022

Health + Wellness

  1. The youth system
    Youth To The People The Youth System
    6 minis from one of our fave clean skincare brands feature delish ingredients and are a one-stop-shop for travel
  2. Base complete set
    Base Complete Bundle
    get a fast + easy handle on your health with this complete at-home testing bundle that allows you to discover the impact of your diet, stress, fatigue, and more
  3. Canopy   curie aroma kit
    Canopy + Curie Aroma Kit
    neroli, white tea, grapefruit cassis---curie's cult scents are a match made in heaven with canopy's diffusers
  4. Igk limited edition first class x dabsmyla charcoal dry shampoo
    IGK Limited-Edition First Class X DABSMYLA charcoal dry shampoo
    our igk go-to---their award-winning charcoal dry shampoo---splashed with art and a label you can cleverly peel off + frame
  5. Four sigmatic immune support coffee
    Four Sigmatic Immune Support Coffee
    bolster your morning brew with organic fair trade coffee with added vitamin d, zinc and chaga mushroom
  6. G.tox detox 5 salt bath soak
    Goop G.Tox Detox 5 salt bath soak
    when we want to upgrade our routine sea salt bath soaks with aromatherapy vibes, we get gwyneth's---infused with matcha tea extract, activated charcoal, coriander, cardamom, grapefruit, + more