August 2021

Obsixed for 7 | With Sydney Sweeney

Discover + Shop Some of Actor, Producer, + Story + Rain Cover Star Sydney Sweeney's Favorite Things

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    Nestle Kit-Kat Ice Cream Cone
    "Kit-Kat Ice Cream Cones are to die for. I'd been searching every store, and then I went to go visit my family back home in Idaho, there were like six boxes of them, and I bought the entire store out."
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    Fluff Yeah Slide by UGG
    "I'm wearing them right now, the UGG fluffy slides. I have them in so many different colors. I wear them all day long."
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    Beeswax Lip Balm from Burt's Bees
    "I think my first chapstick ever was from Burt's Bees. I have one in every single purse, every drawer possible. I've been obsessed my entire life."
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    SolaWave Wand
    "I started using the SolaWave Wand within the last few weeks, and I use it every single day. I went to the gym today and everyone was like, 'Your skin. It's glowing. What did you change?'"
  5. 1
    Fendi Baguette with Embroidery Kit
    "I just got an iconic Fendi Baguette, but it comes in an embroidery kit. I get to knit and crochet the designs myself. I love arts and crafts, anything artsy, so I freaked out when I saw this was a thing. I can't wait to work on it."
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    Contax T2 Point + Shoot Film Camera
    "This stems from Euphoria. I got a Contax T2 Point + Shoot Film Camera. Everyone on Euphoria knows so much about cameras, and they have all these really cool devices. I was like, man, I'm slacking. So I got one, and have been learning about it."
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