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Later, Please
October 2020

Obsixed for 7 | With Busy Philipps

Discover + Shop Busy Philipps's Current Favorite Things

  1. Jennifer meyer
    Jennifer Meyer
    "I have a lot of friends that are jewelry designers now. Jen Meyer is amazing, I love her and Jen Fisher, all the Jens really, anyone named Jennifer."
  2. Untitled 18
    Sarah Hendler Estate Jewelry
    "I've always been a fan of antique and vintage jewelry too. My friend, Sarah Hendler in LA does a lot of estate jewelry, and she has her own stuff as well."
  3. Aerie sweatshirt
    AERIE Tracksuit
    "Birdie shops at Aerie, she's like a teen now. Aerie's really soft and really comfortable".
  4. Rock   raw
    Rock + Raw
    "Rock + Raw is this crystal company in England. And she makes those triangle crystals that I'm always wearing."
  5. Flesh beauty
    Flesh Beauty
    "I really like the Flesh Beauty lipstick. It stays on forever, you can even wear it under a mask."
  6. Royal jelly harlem
    Royal Jelly Harlem Masks
    "I really like the Royal Jelly Harlem masks. I love them. I really like Epona Valley, I really love Jennifer Behr's masks. And Lele Sadoughi's, truly, are my favorite masks."