January 2022

Obsixed for 7 | With Danielle LaPorte

Discover + Shop Some of Writer, Teacher, + Pillar in Self Help + Wellness Danielle LaPorte's Favorite Things

  1. Heart centered membership
    Heart Centered Membership
    "I'm building community in ways that I have never built community before, and I'm obsessed with my Heart Centered Program."
  2. White hot truth
    White Hot Truth
    "White Hot Truth in a few words: be careful that your self-help seeking isn't really self-criticism."
  3. Oregano essential oil young living
    Oregano Essential Oil
    "For sleep, I take undiluted oregano oil. I just put a few drops under my tongue."
  4. Sisu vitamin supplement
    Vitamin D
    "I am really obsessed with vitamin D. It's just what you need for your immune system, and I take it regularly."
  5. Creationspace.2021.shopassets.cover
    Danielle's Guided Meditations
    "If I can't meditate in the morning, I somehow get it done. I work with an energy worker, and we co-create all these meditations. They're on my website. Start wherever you're comfortable."
  6. Pure melatonin liquid
    Liquid Melatonin
    "I'm really digging sleep, and I've done all the things to make sure I get quality sleep. I take melatonin in liquid form in small doses. I just take one drop."