April 2021

Obsixed for 7 | With Jane Levy

Discover + Shop Some of Jane Levy's Favorite Things

  1. Yellow bird
    Yellow Bird by Sierra Crane Murdoch
    "I've been having a hard time reading fiction, I don't know if it's an attention span thing, or if there's so much going on in the world that I want to just know facts. I've been reading non-fiction. I read a book called Yellow Bird, it was phenomenal."
  2. Celine sunglasses
    Baby Audrey Sunglasses by Celine
    "I have so many sunglasses. My brother makes so much fun of me. My favorite brand for sunglasses is Celine."
  3. Lipstick queen
    Mornin' Sunshine Lipstick by Lipstick Queen
    "My go to item of makeup is Lipstick Queen lipstick. It's in a blue case and the lipstick is actually yellow, but it makes my lips coral."
  4. Bread
    A baguette with salted butter
    "I love a baguette with butter."
  5. Kure bazaar
    Getting manicures
    "I love getting manicures, and my go-to color is red."
  6. Flowerbx lilies
    The smell of lily flowers
    "I love the smell of lily flowers."
  7. Living libations best skin ever
    Best Skin Ever Elixir by Living Libations
    "My facial moisturizer of choice is by Living Libations, called Best Skin Ever."
  8. Loewe clutch
    Flamenco Leather Clutch by Loewe
    "The handbag that I carry is by Loewe. It's a cross body, but can turn into a clutch."
  9. Birkenstock x net a porter
    Birkenstock + Net A Porter Arizona Leather Sandals
    "The shoes that I'm living in are black Net-A-Porter Birkenstocks."
  10. Living libations deodorant
    Poetic Pits Deodorant in Rose by Living Libations
    "I wear this deodorant from Living Libations which has a bunch of essential oils in it, so it acts like a fragrance for me."
  11. Lee jeans
    Vintage acid washed jeans
    "I love acid washed jeans."
  12. Coca cola
    A cold Coca-Cola
    "Sometimes I really enjoy a cold Coca-Cola."
Yellow bird
Sierra Crane Murdoch $13.71 DETAILS
Celine sunglasses
Celine $410.00 DETAILS
Lipstick queen
Lipstick Queen $25.00 DETAILS
Vermont Creamery $3.49 DETAILS
Kure bazaar
Kure Bazaar $18.00 DETAILS
Flowerbx lilies
Living libations best skin ever
Living Libations $43.00 DETAILS
Loewe clutch
Loewe $2250.00 DETAILS
Birkenstock x net a porter
Birkenstock + Net A Porter $420.00 DETAILS
Living libations deodorant
Living Libations $60.70 DETAILS
Lee jeans
Lee $44.00 DETAILS
Coca cola
Coca-Cola $30.00 DETAILS