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June 2019

Obsixed For Summer | Wellness

Our Summer 2019 Picks For The Items We'll Rely On To Keep Us Healthy

  1. Untitled 2
    Impala Lace-Up Rollerskates
    Our Founder's favorite pastime: rollerskating. She was even known to skate all the way up to her office at Cosmo from downtown Manhattan back in the day. Impala's holographic skates will not only turn heads, they're PETA-approved vegan.
  2. Untitled 1
    Vital Proteins Collagen Water
    This is the water we're toting with us this summer because it's packed with collagen and only 60 calories. Collagen is digested and absorbed by the body quickly in the form of water - the perfect drink for hydrating and quenching sun-drenched summer skin.
  3. Untitled 5
    Aimee Raupp Mag-Ease Oil
    This summer, we're carrying this one-stop-shop for overall health in a convenient mini spray bottle. It eases tense muscles, soothes headaches, balances blood sugar levels, regulate blood pressure, and promotes restful sleep.
  4. Untitled 1 copy 2
    Sakara Detox Water Drops
    We're huge fans of this portable powerhouse for detoxification. Conveniently add a few drops of chlorophyll to your bottled water, and voila! improve digestion, gut health, immunity and liver function in an instant.
  5. Untitled 4
    Sakara Chia Tortillas
    We love Sakara's plant based, gluten free, superfood tortillas because they're a delicious + healthy snack we can easily stash in a beach bag to avoid snacking on junk food during the day. We also love it's cheerful and chic packaging that makes us smile.
  6. Untitled 1 copy
    Tory Burch High-rise Tempo Chevron 7/8 Leggings
    These leggings will keep you cool during workouts + have ergonomic seaming. A high rise waist slims while a multicolored chevron print is confined to ankles, allowing us to sport pattern without drawing attention to problem areas or making us look bigger.
Untitled 2
Impala Rollerskates $88.20 DETAILS
Untitled 1
Vital Proteins $20.00 DETAILS
Untitled 5
Aimee E. Raupp MS LAC $11.00 DETAILS
Untitled 1 copy 2
Sakara $39.00 DETAILS
Untitled 4
Sakara $12.00 DETAILS
Untitled 1 copy
Tory Burch $138.00 DETAILS