November 2021

Patricia Field | Episode 87

Shownotes, Quotes, Shop + Listen To the Podcast Featuring Sex in the City Costume Designer + Art Fashion Gallerist Patricia Field

Patricia Field is a visionary in fashion with legendary status. The entrepreneur, stylist, costume designer, consultant, and Art Fashion gallerist has made an indelible mark on style. Between 1966 and 2016, the style-conscious flocked to her one-of-a-kind fashion and beauty retail store that was something of a New York City landmark. And then there’s Sex And The City. Fashion was changed forever when Pat paired ballet tutus with tank tops, and curated covet-worthy shoes and handbags for the show’s stars like delicious candy. As years went by, fans couldn’t get enough of the style she served up, devouring her decadent costumes just as much, if not more---than the smash hit series’ weekly plotlines. Pat has taught the world to embrace the mix and match and embrace vintage. She’s taught people to find their fashion in an array of out-of-the-box places, and she’s taught us how to accessorize, all by making on-screen magic with her eclectic, high-low, savvy style. Ugly Betty; The Devil Wears Prada; Emily In Paris and more---we just can’t get enough of her courageous costumes that both honor creative expression and create trends. On this podcast, Tamara sits down with her fellow native New Yorker to talk the cyclical nature of fashion, and New York and fashion across the decades, including the club scene---for which Patricia Field has had a front row seat. She shares the incredible story of her start, and how she bloomed because of blouses. We of course talk all the details behind her legendary boutique, and the ins and outs of her eclectic life and style that celebrates diversity. We discuss what it's like to have the shared experience of being both a retailer and a costumer. We get granular discussing her biggest projects: Sex And The City, Emily In Paris… and she dishes about Devil Wears Prada and Ugly Betty. We get into cultural appropriation, her latest projects and a lot more. Tamara first interviewed Pat when she was a fashion editor at Cosmo, reporting in the early days on Sex And The City style. Our Story + Rain Talks podcast series would never be complete without picking up where we left off with Patricia Field those many years ago. Enjoy this in depth conversation with the lady whose legacy has changed and continues to change fashion in such a significant way.

“It’s important that people understand their bodies. People who understand their bodies understand how to deal with their bodies, as far as dressing is concerned. You don't have to follow a trend. I'm very anti-trend because it lumps everyone into one composite, and people are not that way.” - Patricia Field