October 2016

Anna Sheffield

Jewelry Designer Anna Sheffield’s Sacred Studio

A N N A   S H E F F I E L D   O N   W H Y   S H E ' S   O B S I X E D . . . b e a   a r r o w   r i n g Grey Diamonds and Labradorite: can't get enough of these right now and I love them together. The cool tones look so yummy in yellow and rose gold sometimes I have a hard time deciding which!r e v e r b e r a t i o n   r a d i o   p o d c a s t sI can't function without music playing. And sometimes deciding what to play is as difficult as deciding what to eat, usually I run out of ideas by midday because I have to make A LOT of decisions at work. So these modern-day mix tapes always get me into a happy place—never boring, always awesome.c h l o r o p h y l l   p i l l s I call it taking my jewel tones.