September 2019

Currently Carrying | Lily Aldridge

Non Toxic Moisturizer, The Best Baby Wipes, and Her Very Own Floral Fragrance

I met Lily Aldridge when she was sixteen, and I may have styled her for her very first photo shoot.  A photographer I was working with at the time knew Lily and her family,  and he wanted he and I to do a test shoot with her. We shot in a loft studio space in LA. The setting was ethereal. I bought yards of tulle in beautiful colors to decorate the vintage iron bed we used as a prop, and pulled lots of fine lace lingerie. Little did I know at the time that Lily would go on to be a Victoria's Secret Angel, the pop culture epitome of what it means to be a lingerie model. What I did know, from the moment I saw her, is that she had "it", and that she would be a star. Lily is today's version of what "supermodels" were in the 80's. She is a multitalented model, mom, and entrepreneur. She has just launched Lily Aldridge Parfums with a sweet floral fragrance that has an even sweeter story. It's inspired by morning walks through her garden in Nashville. With her commitment to sustainability, Aldridge packages her scent with a wooden cap made of wood from sustainable forests. For every tree used for the caps, another five are planted. Each bottle comes with a seeded paper drop card (a plantable piece of paper) in an effort to inspire others to care for Mother Nature by taking the time to plant wildflowers. And to minimize waste, its outer carton doubles as a shipping vessel and is made out of 100% recycled paper. With perfume-making added to her impressive career accomplishments and on the eve of her launch party, we thought it was only fitting to talk to the beauty aficionado about what she is currently carrying.
-Tamara Rappa

Haven by Lily Aldridge Parfums

I love the Whole RMS beauty line, Kora Quartz Highlighter, and since high school, I've been wearing Maybelline Full & Soft Mascara! I always have my favorite perfume of the moment in my purse to spray throughout the day, which right now is of course Haven by ME :) It’s something I can spray on myself throughout the day to feel put together while running errands. I've been using Windsor Edwards Lip Balm for year. I’ve given it to friends who are equally obsessed with it. I love Tata Harper Reparative Moisturizer because its 100% natural and nontoxic, which is important because I’m nursing right now. It keeps my skin healthy and glowing. I am a well-known germaphobe and I love Honest Hand Sanitizer Spray because it’s on the more natural side. I’m a mom on the GO. I had a hard time finding natural and gentle brands when Dixie was a baby. She has sensitive skin and WaterWipe Baby Wipes were my go-to. I still use them to take off makeup. Chanel's Translucent Powder Compact was one of the first luxury beauty products I bought when I could afford it. It still make me happy when I see it.

Rms beauty lip2cheek lip   cheek color
RMS Beauty $36.00 DETAILS
Lily Aldridge Parfums $50.00 DETAILS
Maybelline full n soft mascara
Maybelline $8.99 DETAILS
Kora organics crystal luminizer in rose quartz
Kora Organics $28.00 DETAILS
Tata harper repairative anti aging moisturizer
Tata Harper $116.00 DETAILS
Honest hand sanitizer spray dreamy lavender
Honest Beauty $2.99 DETAILS
Waterwipes baby wipes
WaterWipes $3.99 DETAILS
Chanel poudre universelle libre
Chanel $52.00 DETAILS