October 2016

Debbie Solomon

Rihanna’s Chef Cooks Backstage In The World’s Biggest Venues

D E B B I E   S O L O M O N   O N   W H Y   S H E ' S   O B S I X E D . . .  p a i g e  d e n i mI'm completely obsessed! Her jeans fits my body perfectly—it doesn't matter what style. They always seem to work. I can't count how many pairs I have. I have that many! e l e c t r i c   t  o o t h b r u s hKeeps my teeth super clean and white! Need I say more?3  l a  b I started using it almost six months ago on my face and I've never received so many compliments. m o p h i  e   c a s e It's the best invention ever! Let's just say it has saved my job on a daily basis. And it fits perfectly in my back pocket when I'm cooking.s o p h i a   w e b s t e rI Love! Love! her shoes. Not only are they comfortable, they're sexy, fun, and girly. A true representation of my personality.e o s   l i p b a l m I have them everywhere, gym bag, knife bag, jackets, night table, coffee table, kitchen.